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Official Industrial/Ambient/Noize tapes


We can now record any of these tapes onto CDR format if you don't have a tape deck!

Last updated Feb 7 2014

ABISMO-"Sendero Luminoso" TAPE ( Harsh, industralized noise proclaimin pure madness , occultism, substance abuse and pure sonic warfare against the soul.The Throat, Netherlands ) $5

BUGARL-"Forst Shadows" DEMO TAPE (self-depravation and hateful Dark ambient,2005) $5

FABINA FETUS-PRO DEMO TAPE ( Experimental/noise, limited to 75 hand numbered copies, Blistered Mind USA ) $5

GLAUKOM SYNOD-"Obsessism XXIII" PRO TAPE (Hard hitting experimental industrial from France, oversized strange packaging, 2007 Reality Impaired Recordings) $5

GLAUKOM SYNOD-"Uczulony" TAPE (killer undergrroound musick! Must have!, Order of The Obscurantist Melons Recs 2006) $5

GLAUKOM SYNOD-"Macabre Remixes" TAPE (7 deadly industrial/noize remixes by this maniac we all know in the underground named Gab,released by Under The Average Recs 2008) $5

GLAUKOM SYNOD-"Mechanical Throat Repulsion" TAPE ( Vicious industrial from the UK,Robot lust Records 2010) $5

GUTTURALIA XXX-"Tilt!" DEMO TAPE (  11 tracks of Electro Grind/Brutal death with industrial touches. This French project will mangle your brain! Visceral Circuitry Records 2012) $5

GORGONIZED DORKS-"Kevorkorama" TAPE ( Raw grindnoise from the states, No Future Productions, USA 2010) $5

HEIRDRAIN "War Against The Modern Society" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( Eccentric Drone from Quebec, Canada 2013 SFM Records) $5

HREFNESHOLT-"Hrefnesvinter" PRO CASSETTE (Pagan Ambient Demo from 2002,Hallucination zine) $5

NORSS / AL QAEDA-"Act Of The Apostiles" SPLIT TAPE (Netherlands/USA,2 songs of adventurous drone,41 minutes,pro cover,Svartgalgh Records 2009) $5

ONKUNDE-"Place The Sweet Defeat beneath My Feet" TAPE ( Spacious,unrelenting harsh noise dealing with themes such as the eternity of the afterlife,the true inner self and pure feelings of indifferancy towards human kind. 11 tracks of pure analog sodomy! Limited to 50 hand numbered copies. The Throat, Netherlands 2012) $5

ORBIS-"The War Trilogy" DEMO TAPE ( three tracks capturing the feelings of war in a atmospheric blend of dark ambient/black metal. Spanning 33 minutes capturing the intense, emotional journey of a world war two solider in a sound scrape of battle field combat combined with dark ambient and elements of black metal, 2011 Achtung Records) $5 LAST COPY!

ROTTING BEAVER RECTUM "Meet Your Candy Maker" DOUBLE TAPE SET ( Noise! UGH TAPES limited to 15 hand numbered copies!! 2013) $6

SCORN-"Ellipsis" PRO TAPE ( hardcore drum n bass, by M Harris from Napalm Death fame, 1995 Earache) $10

SCORN-"Evanescence" PRO TAPE ( hardcore drum n bass by M Harris from Napalm Death fame, 1994 Earache) $10

SIMULACRA / WEREJU-"The Heaven's Open" SPLIT TAPE (Belguim/Ireland,three songs of droning ambient,54 minutes,pro cover,Svartgalgh Records 2010) $5

UNO ACTU- "Inexistence" DEMO TAPE (2nd release from this French occult ambient act,2006 Tour De Garde Records-limited to 500 hand numbered copies) $5

URUK-HAI-"Felagund" TAPE ( Dark ambient from Austria, SFM Records 2011 )

VIKING QUEST-"American Horror Story" TAPE ( neato Electronic, No Future Productions,U.S.A. 2012) $5

WITENAGEMOT-"Old Brave Gallery" PRO CASSETTE (Dark & depressing Ambient, BloodHead Production 2004) $5

ZAGHURIM-"ClimaXXX & Bondage" PRO DEMO TAPE (Bizarre Indus / Electro Black Metal! For Tortured Freaks Only! France)$5

Offical traditional heavy metal tapes


We can now record any of these tapes onto CDR format if you don't have a tape deck!

last updated Feb 7 2014

KILLERS-"Habemus Metal" PRO TAPE LP (Long running classic french speed/heavy metal band.Brennus Music 2002) $4

METALLICA-"And Justice For All" PRO TAPE ( Classic thrash, 1989) $6

METALLICA "Kill Em All" PRO TAPE ( Classic thrash metal, 1994 edition, tape is scuffed, the cover is in mint condition) $6

SCALARE-"Master Of All Evil" DEMO TAPE (3 tracks of evil heavy metal,Germany,2008 self released) $4

STRADION-"Thanks For The Gay Music Vol 1" TAPE (17 song collection spanning the years 1998-2004. Almost all of these songs have been unreleased untill now.Original underground metal that deserves to be heard,Nervous Tounge Records) $4

STRADION-"Thanks For The Gay Music Vol.2" TAPE (19 song collection spanning the years of 1993-1997. The majority of these songs have been unlreased untill now. original underground metal that deserves to be heard! Nervous Tounge Records) $4

WHITE ZOMBIE-"Astro creep 2000 PRO TAPE $5 1995 Geffen Recs

VIXEN-"S/T" PRO TAPE ( 1988 EMI Canada the print on the tape is worn, the insert is mint) $5

Official thrash metal/crossover tapes


Last updated Feb 7 2014:

300 COBRAS-"Worm Typhoon" DEMO CASSETTE (USA-Unique hard pounding thrash/death metal,cool green cover,Hail Shitar 2008) $3

AKRAMEN-"Esclavos Del Nuevo Orden" DEMO TAPE (Killer old styled thrash metal from Chilie,FistBang Records 2007-limited to 500 hand numbered copies) $5

DEATH ANGEL-"The Ultra Violence" PRO TAPE ( 1987 Enigma Records the cover art has some slight wear) $6

DEATH NOISE-"Brutal Insanity" DEMO TAPE ( True oldschool thrash metal from Brazil, Maltkross Productions 2010) $5

ETERNAL PAIN-"In Pain We Trust...Relicts For Revenge" PRO TAPE LP (Killer thrash metal from Germany,self released 2003) $5

EVIL OFFERING / HATEFUL AGONY-"United By Thrash And Beer" SPLIT PRO TAPE (Chile/German old school thash metal,2004 Kuravilu Productions,limited to 300 hand numbered copies) $5

GWAR-"Scumdogs of the universe" PRO TAPE ( Classic American thrash metal, 1990 metal blade, lettering on the tape is worn off) $3

IMPERIAL-:Aggressors..not followers" TAPE ( Violent old school thrash metal from France, pro cover, limited to 666 hand numbered copies, Rawblackkult Productions 2002) $5

JUDAS PRIEST-"Ram It Down" PRO TAPE ( 1988 CBS Records) $5

KHOLD VALLEY-"Fensch Valley Thrashing Attack" PRO DEMO TAPE (All good old styled hard banging French Thrash,limited to 300 hand numbered copies,D.U.K.E.2008) $4

KHOLD VALLEY-"S/T" PRO TAPE (Killer thrash metal from France with covers by SOD and SLAYER,limited to 500 hand numbered copies 2009) $4

KLEPTOCRACY-"Ruled by Theives" PRO DEMO TAPE ( Raw, reverb drenched thrash metal, self released , U.S.A., limited to 25 copies) $5

M.O.D-"USA FOR MOD" PRO TAPE ( American thrash, 1987 megaforce records, lettering on the tape is pretty much worn off) $3 

NEMESIS-"Live At Trio At Mol XVI 2005" PRO DEMO TAPE (Old school Chilian Thrash Metal,Poser Blaster Records 2005-limited to 666 hand numbered copies) $5

NOCTURNED-"Cacador do inferno" DEMO TAPE ( Old School  thrash metal from Brazil, Maltkross Productions,U.K. 2012) $5

PAGANFIRE-"Mabangis! Marahas!" DEMO TAPE (The American rerelease of this intense thrash metal acts rehearsal demo released by Eternal Darkness Creations,this version has exclusive tracks,2005) $4

PAGANFIRE / WARLOCK MOON / CHAMBER 69 3-WAY SPLIT TAPE ( Excellent underground production from the lords of metaldom at Die by the sword! Over 20 songs and a righteous DIY underground offering! Recommended! 2008) $5

PAGANFIRE-"Poseurs Die!!!!!!!" PROMO TAPE ( One of the undergrounds best thrash metal bands is back with some brand new tracks as well as some killer covers of Celtic Frost, Slayer & Dark Angel, plus some live audience recordings, Self Released Philippines 2011) $5

REVENGE-"Jesus On The Cross" DEMO CASSETTE (Killer Greek thrash metal that kinda reminds me of Toxic Holocaust, a kick ass demo! Self Released 2007) $5

TIRAN-"Live Enslavement" PRO DEMO TAPE (  Vicious thrash metal from Russia, on a nice red coloured tape, Reality Impaired Records 2011) $5

W.A.S.P.-"The Last Command" PRO TAPE ( Capitol Records 1985) $4

W.A.S.P.-"The Headless Children" PRO TAPE ( 1989 Capitol Records) $4

W.A.S.P.-"s/t" PRO TAPE ( 1984 Capitol Records) $4

WOODLAND'S EDGE-"Scaffolds To Stellar Pyramids And Beyond" TAPE (15 song collection featuring the new album and 4 bonus tracks from previous releases. Also includes a bathory cover song. killer guitar work and well thought out lyrical concepts. One-man metal project from Illinois that deserves your respect,Nervous Tounge Records) $4

WOODLAND'S EDGE-"Majesty & Misery" DEMO TAPE ( Unique ethereal blending of intricate guitar work and old school thrash, self released 2000) $5

WOODLAND'S EDGE-"Revival Chapter 3-History always repeats itself" DEMO TAPE ( Great demo of heavy thrash with death metal vocals,USA self released 2001) $5

WRATH-"Regression" DEMO TAPE ( Good death thrash metal from Portugal 2002) $5

Official death metal/grindcore tapes


Last updated Feb 7 2014

ABUSO VERBAL-" Narco Homicida, psicotico Alterado" TAPE ( Excellent quality death metal with grindcore elements, Brazil, pro covers, Murder Records 2007) $5

AGATHOCLES-"Mince Core For Passion,Not For Fashion" CASSETTE (A fine slab of mincecore,Reality Impaired Recordings 2007) $4

ANENCEPHALY-"Deformed At Birth" DEMO TAPE (Canadian raw doom/black metal 1997 demo,finally released on SkullfuckingMetal Records) $5

ANGEL'S DECAY-"victims Of Belief" PRO DEMO TAPE (old school death metal from Slovakia ) $5


AS THE NUCLEAR MIST DESCENDS" Compilation Tape (A excellent comp. tape released by Eternal Darkness Kreations featuring Unburied,Twisted Tower Dire,The Templer,Shadows Of Sunset,Pedifile,Razor Of Occan,Maniac Butcher,Prophecy,The Forgotten,Fallen Yggdrasil,Autoeroctic Asphyxiation,Altar Of Perversion,unholy Archangel,Suicidal Winds,Ork,The Tempter,Liege Lord, 1999 Eternal Darkness Kreations) $5

AWAKENING OF THE DEAD- COMPILATION TAPE ( A killer death metal comp featuring Dead Congreation,Shackles,Back Yard Mortuary, Graveyard Manifestation, Demonic Rage, Embalmed Souls, Crucifiction, Necromation, Deathronation + more! Awakening Records, Canada 19??) $6

BIOLOGICAL ENEMY-"S/T" PRO DEMO TAPE (Excellent death/thrah from Brazil,2001) $5

BIOPSY-"Promo live tape 2003" TAPE ( Brutal gore/death from Chile, recorded live 2/3/03 with covers of Mortician, Benediction & more! 2003 self released) $5

BLACK BLEEDING-"The Awakening" DEMO TAPE (5 trax of death/black metal with powerful sound!Released by Nihilistic Holocaust recs 2005) $4

BLACK FOREST-"Sadness" PRO CASSETTE (Russia-Cult Doom/Death Metal,BloodHead Productions,2000) $4

BLACK MOLD PHALLANX "Unsanitary breeding ground" PRO TAPE ( Gore grind, lim to 100 copies, Sweet & Sour Sewage Distro 2010) $5 

BRUTALITY REIGNS SUPREME / GRUESOME STUFF RELISH  "Brothers in gore-The ultimate gore grind assult" SPLIT TAPE  ( The name says it all....Very nicely produced heavy as fuck death grind with over thirty songs in all, BRS hails from Holland and GSR hails from Spain, 2000) $5

CARMINA / AMETHYSTE / ATROPHY / DARKLORD 4 WAY SPLIT TAPE (brutal death metal/obscure black/death released by NihilisticHolocaust recs 2004) $4

CARNAL DIAFRAGMA / P.I.T. SPLIT TAPE ( Old school grindcore 2001 Czech Republic) $5

CRAZER-"Oderint Dum Metuant" PRO DEMO TAPE (Long running Russian death/thrash metal, defintally worth a spin) $4

CROOK'D RECORDS COMPLIALTION PRO TAPE (Killer death/black/grind comp. featuring Aurora Borealis,Lucifer's Hammer,Regurgitation,The Forgotten, H.A.T.E.,+11 more!) $4

CUMSOCK / WEAPONCREEK SPLIT PRO TAPE ( Grrrrriind noise from Canada & ??? ! Sinister Upheaval Recs) $5

DAGGER SPAWN / NADIMAC SPLIT PRO TAPE (Serbian Metal Strikes! Brutal death metal vs nationalist thrash metal,LHDLB 2008) $4

DAILY LIFE SUCKS / MASSGRAVE SYMPHONIES SPLIT DEMO TAPE (Both bands play vicious grindcore from Hungary,2007) $3

DEEP VEIN-"Symbols For The Dead" PRO DEMO CASSETTE (Top notch quailty death metal hailing from France! Defintally Recommended! 2008) $5

DEEP VEIN / BLOODY SIGN / OPPRESSION 3 WAY SPLIT TAPE (old school death/black/thrash metal!!! Nihilistic Holocaust recs 2004 *****LAST COPIES***** )$5

DEMIGOD-"Unholy Domain" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (Mystical death metal hailing from Finland,originally released in 1991) $5

DEVIANT-"Tools Of Termination" DEMO TAPE (Brutal old styled death metal from Sweden) $5

DIFUNTER-"Amo de Sombra Nocturna" PRO DEMO TAPE (Perverted death/grind from Bolivia,Under Records 2005) $5

DROWNED-"Where Dark And Light Divide" PRO DEMO TAPE (Old styled death/thrash metal from Brazil ,self released 1998) $5

ENCUMBER-"Indifference and Ruthless" DEMO TAPE ( Eight songs of kult Russian death metal with an awesome Pungent Stench cover, 1995 *RARE*)$5 

ENCUMBER-"Hammers Live" TAPE ( Old School death metal, 8 tracks, pro cover, self released, 1997) $5

ETERNAL DARKNESS CLASSICKS VOLUME ONE COMPILATION TAPE ( A great old school black.death/thrash metal underground comp featuring Nocturnus,Order From Chaos,Vital Remains,Morta Skuld,Demigod,Hellwitch,Crucifer,Varathron,Exmortes,Old Funeral,Beherit,Mortician,Aceldama,Grave,Prime Evil, Originally released in 1991 & re-re-released in 2011, Eternal Darkness Kreations * Highest possible recommendation* $5

FEAST OF THE GOAT COMPILATION TAPE ( A really good comp tape with Front Beast,Nocturnal,Necroslaughter,Barbatos,Inner Helvete,Elisabetha,War Blasphemy,Christicide,Morbid Upheaval,Alastor,Old Pagan,Ravencult,Kratornas,Legion Condor,Eternal Paintmore) $5

FORETOLD-"Factor" DEMO TAPE ( killer death metal/thrash from Holland, lim to 250 copies, Murder Records 2010) $5

FUMES OF DECAY-"Festering Abscess Fornication" DEMO TAPE ( A four song crazy demo of gore/death metal with vocals that are right off the scale!!!! A great co-release by Visceral Vomit Records & Murder Records 2009  ) $5

FUNERAL CHANT-"The winter desolation" DEMO TAPE ( two long songs and an outro type piece of excellent heavy death metal reminding me of the great New Jersey/New York death metal from 1989-1990! Great stuff! Chile) $5

G.O.D./VIOLENT GORGE/ROTGUT/PUTRESCENCE 4-WAY SPLIT TAPE ( A kick ass 4 way oldschool grindcore split! Recommended! ) $5

GOLDENPYRE-"Necroterrorism" DEMO TAPE (Evil death metal from Portugal 2001) $5

GRENOUER-"Border Of Misty Times" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( Kick ass Russian death/thrash metal, very well put together, originally released in 1996, re-released by Wings Of Destruction in 2010, pro cover) $5

GRIPE-"The future doesn't need you" PRO DEMO TAPE (   Crushing grindcore with power violence moments, crushing! 2012 Visceral Circuitry Records, France) $4

HALOMACHINE-"Fighting the battle" TAPE ( 10 tracks of killer death/thrash from the states, Morbid Souls Prod USA 2003) $5

HELLSPAWN-"Demo 2006" PRO DEMO TAPE (Head chopping old styled death metal from Poland,limited to 500 copies) $5

HERPES-"Doomsday" DEMO TAPE (French newcomers present 5 tracks of putrid death metal in the vein of Autopsy,Death Breath,Repulsion...22 minutes to crush your bones and rape your little asses..Carbonized Cells,France 2010) $5

IMPUREZA-"Inquistion demos" DEMO TAPE (their first 3 demos rereleaed-top notch death metal released by Nihilistic Holocaust records 2007) $5

LET'S FIGHT IN THE DARKNESS COMPILATION TAPE (w/Vulpecula,Mournful Congreation,Gehennah,The Darksend,Blessed Relam,Enkil,Necromicon,Abaze My Sorrow,Thy Primoridal,Nephilim,Forlorn,Abigail,Maldoror,Dawn,Sodom,1996 Eternal Darkness Creations) $5

LORD OF THE COMMAND-"Vicious and unrelenting savagery" DEMO TAPE ( Much as the title suggests, this is brutal, heavy and vicious death metal done the Aussie way! Buy this tape and enjoy six songs with the devil! 2001) $5

LVX LAXA-"Libido Conterns" DEMO TAPE ( Ritualistic death metal from USA, Hail Shitar 2010) $5

MASS PUTREFACTION-V/A TAPE (Tribulation/Deep vein/Morbid Insulter/Necrovation/Scarvenger/bloody Sign/Corrupt/Kaamos-all good death/thrash compilation) $5

MESEMON ECROF-"Disgrace Of War" PRO DEMO TAPE (satanic death metal demo from Brazil,2003) $5

METAL BREED VOL 1. V/A COMPILATION. TAPE (great underground thrash/death metal comp from late 1990's) $5

MODER "Valley Of No Light" DEMO TAPE (4 trax of vicious oldschool death metal hailing from Germany, features 6 bonus live tracks from 2003. Highly recommended!) $4

MODER "Ewiger Tod" PRO TAPE (New full length from these German raw old school death metalers with German and English lyrics,Inspired by the likes of Morbid Angel,Sodom,Death,Asphyx,drenched with a certain Dissection feel! 2007) $5

NATAS COMPILATION TAPE #1 1992 ( Old school compilation tape resurrected for your blasphemous appetites! Featuring a corpsefull of black & death metal bands from the scene as it stood over 19 years ago! With Nightfall,Impaled Nazarene, Ripping Corpse, Rottrevore, Order from chaos, Morbid Angel, Zombified Preachers of gore, Rotting Christ, Witchery, Nunslaughter, Immortal Fate + more! ) $5

NATAS COMPILATON TAPE 32 1993 ( With Grand Belials Key, Lord Mortis, Dislocation, Emperor, Suffer, Sado Massakist, Genetial Grinder, Marduk, Dark Opera, Azathoth, Organic Infest, Disbowelment & much more!) $5

NECROS / ABNORM SPLIT CASSETTE (2 Upcoming Death black bands from France, 30 minutes of underground metal the obscure way!Nihilistic Holocaust 2009) $5

NEEDFUL THINGS-"The end of personality" TAPE ( Oldschool grindcore, really noizy, Psychootherapy Records, Czech 1999) $5

NEKROKYRPA-"Kirves Murhia Ja Kilmaa" TAPE ( 21 trax of Pure fucking chaotic & sick goregrind madness from Finland! 2013 SFM RECORDS ) $5

NERLICH-"Innards" DEMO TAPE (4 tracks of killer death metal up from the grave, pro cover, Nihilistic Holocaust 2009) $4

NOSFERATOS-"Ventum Inferum De Tenebrae..." PRO DEMO CASSETTE (Hardhitting old styled death metal hailing from Russia,2001 BlackSmith Productions) $5

ONLY FOR THE DEAF-3 WAY SPLIT TAPE (All good noize/grind split tape with PostMortal Massturbacy,Sheriffgyilkos & Veresgyasz,Impotent Droidz Kreations Hungary) $3

ORATEGOD-"Fall Slowly Untill The Hell Abyss" PRO CASSETTE (Chile-Brutal death metal,Suicide Apology Records 2004) $4

PERVERSE-"Blunt Of Stench" PRO TAPE ( Brutal Death metal from Poland,Eclipse Records 2002, Few copies remaining!! ) $4

PROLETAR / EXTREME DECAY SPLIT TAPE (devestating grinding crust split from Indonesia,Badai records 2004) $5

PROPHANITY-"The Battleroar" PRO DEMO TAPE (Technical death metal from Sweden 1997 demo tape,limited to 500 copies) $5

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT-"Descendents of depravity" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( Brutal death metal from the Netherlands with God Dethroned Members ,Maltkross Productions 2010) $5

RECIDIVIST-"Persistent Offender" PRO DEMO TAPE (old styled death metal from Malaysia in the Bolt Thrower/Obituary way 2005) $5

REPUNGNANCE-"Maximum Perversion" DEMO TAPE ( A great tape of crust-core meets gore/death metal with an endless supply of hooks, from this long standing act. Great stuff indeed!! 16 songs and tottaly professional covers, 2000  ) $5

SAVAGIST-"Ferox Inceptus" TAPE ( Top notch American death metal, Hail Shitar 2010) $5

SCATOLOGIC MADNESS POSSESSION / BRUTAL DECOMPOSITION SPLIT TAPE ( Goregrind, SOnic Arse Tapes, limited to 300 copies, 2008) $5

SIEGED MIND-"Lost Life In Evidence" PRO DEMO TAPE (Melodic techincal death metalfrom Russia,Oupiric Productions 2000) $5

SLAUGHTER GRAVE -"Sliced Mincers On Meathooks" TAPE ( A demography, fast Grindcore, No Future Productions, USA 2010) $5

SKELETAL REMAINS-"Desolate Isolation" DEMO TAPE ( old school U.S.A. Death Metal, maltkross Productions,U.K. 2011) $5

SORCERY-"When Evil Rules" PRO DEMO TAPE (Brutal death metal from Argentina,2001) $4

SOULLESS-"Peri Psyches" DEMO TAPE (Brutal death metal from Poland,limited to 150 copies,self released 2004) $5

SPEWTILATOR-"Thrash and Splash" DEMO TAPE (4 tracks of top notch weed driven grindcore from USA, limited to 100 hand numbered copies,SFM Records 2010) $4

STOMACHAL INFLAMATION / C.V.I. SPLIT TAPE (Killer grindcore split from Brazil) $4

STOCKFEEDER-"Merciless Skull Bashing" DEMO TAPE ( 16 tracks of menacing machine driven grindcore,Canada, On a cool blue tape, Skullfuckingmetal Records 2011 ) $5

SWINGING CORPSE-"Slice skin vaginal" DEMO TAPE (perverted gore/noise from Thailand, to 200 copies) $4

TERRORAZOR-"Dead World" DEMO TAPE ( Primitive German grind supremacy, Pro cover,self released 2009) $3

TERRORAZOR-"Watching You Die" DEMO TAPE ( Primitive German grind supremacy, This time with Hellbastard (NOCTURNAL) on session drums, Pro Cover, Self Released 2009) $3

TERRORAZOR-"Samhain Darkness" DEMO TAPE ( Primitive German grind supremacy, 10 minutes of new primitive grind + 6 more minutes bonus tracks from the" 10 ways to relieve the world from virgins ", also a cool cover of War Command by Blasphemy, Pro cover, Self released 2009) $3

TERRORAZOR-"Haunted Places" DEMO TAPE ( Primitive German grind supremacy, features a killer cover of Lost Lords by Blood & Dig up her bones by The Misfits,Pro Covers, Whispers Of Death Records,2009) $3

TERRORAZOR-"Stairway To Heaven" CASSETTE (6 tracks of old school death/grinding metal from Germany,SkullfuckingMetal Records,2008) $4

TERRORAZOR-"Apocalyptic Visions" DEMO TAPE (Hard hitting German deathmetal/grindcore,self released 2007) $4

TERRORAZOR-"Ask The Dead" DEMO TAPE (The 7th demo from this Amazing hard hitting old styled grindcore assult,self released 2008) $3

TERRORAZOR-"Chaos Inversion" DEMO TAPE (Noize remix track from their demos 1-4,limited to 100 hand numbered copies,self released 2007) $4

TERRORAZOR- "After The End" PRO DEMO TAPE (Resentless futuristic grindcore from Germany,self released 2007) $4

TESSARACT-"Groundless Translethargical Groaning From..." DEMO TAPE (Suicidal death metal hailing from the Ukraine 1992 demo re-released in year 2000 by Bloodhead Productions,pro cover *only one copy in stock*) $5

THE KRUSHERS-"Baruch Ashem" DEMO TAPE ( A perfect blend of violent thrash and death metal, pro cover,Hippieshredder Productions 2005) $5

THE METALLINE FILES PART 1 SPEED/THRASH COMPILATION TAPE ( 1990, a killer old school comp tape resurrected for the current metalizing population. Great late 1980's and very early 1990's thrash and speed metal acts like Eviction,Obliveon,Gammacide,Sindrome,Lord Crucifier,Sanctus,Armoured Angel,Tynator,The Horde Of Torment,Stygian,Coldsteel,Funeral Nation,paralysis Messiah,the Plague,The Guff and more) $5

TORFROM-"Bestial Death" PRO DEMO TAPE (Satanic death metal from Chile) $5

ULCERRHOEA-"Line And Row" DEMO TAPE (cult grindcore from Sweden) $5

WARSORE-"Open wound" DEMO TAPE ( Oldschool grindcore, 1996 Violent Slug records) $5

WICKED STENCH-"Through the eyes of a killer" TAPE ( Vicious grindcore, Exterminate the brutes records 2010) $5

WITHOUT FAITH-"False prophet" DEMO TAPE ( pro cover- Greek1997 old school death metal, Metal Fear Productions) $6

WRITHING / AD PATRES SPLIT TAPE ( Writhing is killer death metal from the States, Ad Patres is crushing death/thrash from France, 2012 Nihilistic Holocaust Records,France) $5 

WRATH-"Regression" DEMO TAPE ( Good death thrash metal from Portugal 2002) $5

Official Black Metal/Black Thrash/Black Death Metal tapes

Reduced shipping offered for multiple item orders. E-mail me for more info. ( Please write "SFM ORDER" as your emails subject title incase it ends up in our junkbox, thanks)

We can now record any of these tapes onto CDR format if you don't have a tape deck!

*UPDATED FEB 7 2014*


1349-"Demonoir" PRO TAPE ( Classic Black Metal from Norway, their first ever official tape release, Witches Sermon, USA 2012) $5

ABADIS-"The Sign Of Malfeitor" TAPE ( Ugly primitive Black Metal recorded back in 1994. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies! The Throat, Netherlands 2012) $5

ABSURD-"Grimmige-Volksmusik" TAPE ( Classic Black Metal, limited to only 500 copies on a nice white coloured tape, Hammer Of Destruction, Brazil 2006) $10 *ONLY ONE COPY IN STOCK*

ACID HAMMER-" S/T' DEMO TAPE ( Killer raw doom/black metal from Australia, really catchy sound, SVR 2010) $5

AEIOU-"F.H.T." PRO DEMO TAPE (Russian Black Metal,Side project of Wewelsburg, limited to 500 hand numbered copies,Othal Prod./Terrorwolfe Prod. 2005) $5

ALGOL-"The Demon Star" DEMO TAPE ( Killer USA black metal, teutonic satan 2009) $5

ALMA NEGRA- 2013 PRO DEMO TAPE ( Perverted Black Vomit Music, on a nice blue coloured tape! limited to only 30 hand numbered copies! Sacrificial Tapes 2013) $5

ANIMAE CAPRONII-"Reign Of The Wolf" DEMO TAPE ( Ten songs of harsh and cold black metal with a good quality rehearsal type production, More excellence from Sephirotic Publishing) $5

ARCANUS-"S/T" DEMO TAPE ( Killer Black Metal from Canada, limited to 100 copies, the cover is soaked in real human blood, 2007 self-released) $7 ****ONLY ONE COPY IN STOCK****

 ARMED DEATH / IMPERIUM FLAMES "In The Flames Of The Dark Abyss" SPLIT TAPE ( Old school Greek death/black metal vs killer black metal from Costa Rica, limited to 100 hand numbered copies, Serpents God Records 2010) $5

ARTES NEGRAS-"Let There Be Death" DEMO TAPE (Outstanding pagan black/thrash metal from Argentina) $5

BARATUM OF AHRIMAN-"Rehearsal tape" REHEARSAL TAPE ( Exceptionally raw,occult,black metal from Chile. Hand numbered and limited to 111 copies) $5

BEITHIOCH-"Diolaim" TAPE (minimalist Celtic black metal hailing from Ireland,pro cover,Diveliz Rex. 2009) $5

BEITHIOCH-"Aisling Dhorcha" TAPE (Minimalistic Celtic Black Metal hailing from Ireland,pro cover,Diveliz Rex.2009) $5

BEMDESAR-"En El Nombre De Satanas...!!!" DEMO TAPE (One of my favourite bm bands, satanic black metal from Bolivia ,limited to 1150 hand numbered copies) $5

BLACK HORNS OF BOHEMIA-COMPILATION TAPE ( Old school black metal comp with Maniac Butcher,Enochian,unclean,Isacarrum,dark storm,sorath,Avenger,Pussy God Records) $5

BLACK FEAST-"Worship OF Darkness" DEMO TAPE ( Black Metal, self released 2010) $5

CAPRA HIRCUS-"Goat metal assault" DEMO TAPE ( We've gotten the remainder of these demos which were originally released on the sadly defunct War Hammer Rex. Two songs of the best war metal the underground has seen since Order From Chaos- highest possible recommendation 2002 ) $5 *****LAST COPIES*****

CAVATICUS- "Amentia" DEMO TAPE (The tape version of the Demo CDR "Amentia" (10 tracks) originaly produced by RESISTANCIA UNDERGROUND + the "Daemonium Anattaminatis Live" Demo (14 tracks on Live) on Bonus !!! Raw French Agnostic Black Metal. Pro black & white printed artwork,Infernal Kommando Records) $5

CHRISTIAN KILLER-"Diabolical Satanic Warcommand" TAPE ( Perverted black.death metal from U.S.A., RawBlack Cult Productions 2007, pro cover) $5

COMMUNION-"Demo 1" DEMO TAPE ( Out of the ashes of CHAINSAW comes COMMUNION, musically not like CHAINSAW at all though. A mix of old Chilean Death Metal with 1986 RAZOR era Violent Force. Recommended Death/Thrash, Chile self released ) $5

CRUCIFIXXX SODOMY-"Live Tape June 12 2010 " TAPE (8 tracks recorded live at Duffys Tavern, Toronto by this punk/black metal band, Canada, self released 2010) $5

CRUCIFIXXX SODOMY "Live Tape June 12 2010 " TAPE (8 tracks recorded live at Duffys Tavern, Toronto by this punk/black metal band, Canada, Eternal Darkness Kreations re-mastered version with killer new cover art 2011) $5

CRUCIFIXXX SODOMY-"Banned from the hardluck bar" TAPE ( recorded on a walkman live at The Hardluck Bar which lead to the band being barred for life for being too extreme. Self Released 2010) $5

CRUCIFIXXX SODOMY-"Satanic Waste Removal Unit" TAPE ( The newest release from these Canadian punk meets black metal monsters, recorded live on Oct. 29,2010 at Duffys Tavern,Toronto,Canada, VoidHanger Rex 2010) $5


CRYPTIC LORN-"Storm Of Satan's Fire" PRO DEMO CASSETTE (Brazil-Killer Satanic Black Metal in the vein of Setherial & Dark Funeral,Holokaostor Productions 2005) $5

CUMMING JEHOVAH-"Demo 3" DEMO TAPE (Sinister death occult Canadian black metal with a dungeon sound-limited to 100 copies, Invocations Occultes 2004) $5

CUMMING JEHOVAH-"Throne Of Black Priest" DEMO TAPE (Canadian black death similar to a demonic incantation with whispered vocals, recommended! Intolerant Records 2004 *****LAST COPIES*****) $5


DARK TOWER-"End" DEMO TAPE ( Folklore black metal from U.S.A., limited to 100 hand numbered copies.Winter Solace Productions 2011) $5

DEATHCODE OF THE ABYSS-"Rehearsal tape 9/02" TAPE ( black metal ala demo era Katharsis, France 2002) $5-

DEATH MOON-"Daemoonhermeticum" DEMO TAPE ( 3 tracks of deadly black metal, Misantrophic Propaganda Productions, Belarus 2003) $6

DECAYED-"Ataque Infernal" TAPE ( An excellent compilation of old and cover tracks from one of the best black metal bands to come out of the 1990's . Pro covers and tottaly professional sound. HIGHLY recommended! 2000) $5

DEMONS OF CREATION-"Delicate Death's Steps" PRO DEMO CASSETTE (Brazil-Outstanding occult black metal,2005 Suicide Apology Records) $4

DEMONS OF CREATION-"A flor do Diabo" PRO DEMO CASSETTE (Brazil-Outrageous occult black metal,2007 Suicide Apology Records) $4


DESOLATOR-"The Bells Ninth Chime" DEMO TAPE ( Old School U.S.A. black metal, Maltkross Productions, U.K. 2012, Pro Cover) $5

DEVILISH ERA-"Under The Aegis Of The Megathropist" PRO DEMO TAPE (Insane & Depressive Black Metal With Tortured Vocals! A Real Must!!! France) $5

DOMMEDAGSSALME-"Terra" DEMO TAPE ( Raw, nasty black metal from the U.K., Legion Blotan Records 2011) $5

DRAUGLUIN-"The Ozoology" DEMO TAPE ( Greek pagan black metal, limited to 300 copies, Legion Blotan Records 2011) $5

ECCE HOMMO-"Ad astra per aspera" FULL LENGTH TAPE   ( Occult black metal from Brazil, limited to 200 hand numbered copies, pro covers,  Winter Solace Records USA 2012) $5

ELISABETHA "Demeter" PRO CASSETTE (Neo Classical Black Metal / Draculas journey from transylvania to London,limited to 500 hand numbered copies,W.A.R.) $5

ELYMAS-"Best Of Elymas" TAPE ( Killer Austria satanic black metal, 2006) $5 

EMPHERIS-"Ancient Necrostorms" DEMO TAPE (Polish Misanthropic black metal with x Hellish members,self released 2005) $5

EMPHERIS-"Black Pyramid" DEMO TAPE (Blackened thrash metal attack hailing from Poland,self released 2007) $5

EVERCRY-"A Timeless Aura" PRO DEMO TAPE (Gothic/Atmospheric Metal from Sweden,now known as marble arch) $5

FALLEN AKRANE-"Beyond The Altar" DEMO TAPE ( Great French black/death metal tape release featuring 4 songs including and excellent cover of Beherit classic "Sadomatic Rites" !!!! 2008 self released) $5

FLAMMENTOD-"Derkampf Kapitel 1" TAPE ( A Compilation tape by this German Black Metal band, self released limited to only 250 copies,2005) $7 *****ONLY ONE COPY IN STOCK*****

FLEGETHON-"The Absolute Laws Of Darkness" FULL LENGTH TAPE (Deadly Russian black metal,Satanarsa Records 2003) $5

FOREVER WINTER-"Towards The Gates Of Hell" DEMO TAPE (Unique Pagan viking metal,Finland,Swordslain Productions 2001*only one copy in stock*) $6

FORLORN-"The First 5 Demos" TAPE ( Acoustic Black Metal from Ohio, U.S.A. Contains their first 5 demos. Tottaly unique! No Future Productions, U.S.A.) $5

FRONT BEAST-"Black demons night" TAPE ( A collection of old demo songs and unreleased tracks and more from this excellent black/thrash band, Germany) $5

GAMMA SED-"Blot" DEMO TAPE ( Hypnotic black metal from the UK, their first demo, Legion Blotan Records 2011) $5

GOAT SODOMY-"2005 DEMO" DEMO TAPE ( Finish war metal, with a sick Blasphemy cover, hand numbered & self released 2005) $5

GRADUS PENTALPHAE-"Evil Pure Essence" PRO DEMO CASSETTE (Brazil-Deadly occult black metal,Holokaostor Productions) $5

GROMKULT / ERIS / DNA EVOL / ENDLESS WINTER "Nature Of Dark Beings" 4 WAY SPLIT TAPE ( Killer 4 way Black Metal split! 2012) $5

HAGBORN-"Utilmate Secretion" DEMO TAPE ( Raw punk influnced black metal from Australia, SVR 2010 ) $5

HAMMER OF REVENGE-"Archangel of destruction" DEMO TAPE ( Crazy demented black metal from the guy whom does Iron Fist Kommand productions Chile) $5 

HAMMERVOLK-"Of Profound ancestral wisdom" TAPE ( Heathen music by a heathen for heathens, limited to 250 hand numbered copies, pro covers, Winter Solace Productions/Werewolf Productions  2011) $5

HASS KRIEG-"Total Hate" DEMO TAPE ( Killer American black/death metal, Maltkross Productions 2010) $5

HEIRDRAIN "World Decay" TAPE (Simplistic Raw Canadian Black Metal, on a killer blue tape,2009 Reality Imparied Records) $5

HELL BELL-"Devilish Metal" PRO DEMO TAPE (Black Magik black/death squad hailing from Mexico, was originally prepared for a never released split CD in 1999,Winterreich Productions 2005) $5

HELLHAUNT-"Sea Of Nausea" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( Killer black metal in the Hellhammer vein from the Netherlands, lim to 66 hand numbered copies, Zwaertgevegt Records 2010) $5

HERICI-"Of the celtic blood" DEMO TAPE ( American heathen black metal, teutonic satan 2007) $5

INFERNUS / COLDBLOODED SPLIT DEMO TAPE (raw as hell blackmetal split limited to 333 copies) $5

KARIMLAN "Bang Kaw" PRO DEMO TAPE ( Black Metal from the Phillipines, limited to only 30 copies! Sacrificial Tapes, Scotland, 2013) $5

KHARON-"The fullmoon curse" PRO DEMO TAPE ( Killer black metal from Norway,2001 Neodawn Productions) $5

KRIEGSPHILOSOPHIE-"DEMO 2006" DEMO CASSETTE (Filthy black metal in Legions spirit,*Recommended* Carnal Sadist Productions 2008) $4

KRIEGPHILOSOPHIE-"Goat Fukk Yourself...Again" CASSETTTE (5 untitled trax of blakkened obskure art hailing from the uk and a Mayhem cover of Necrolust for good measures. The most extreme SFM release to date! In conspiracy with C.S.P. and A.V.R.)$4

LORD FOUL-"With My Furor" PRO DEMO TAPE (Raw Satanic black metal hailing from Brazil,Morbid Count Productions 2009,limited to 200 hand numbered copies) $5

INFERNAL DESECRATION-"His Kingdom Has Risen" DEMO TAPE (Quality black metal hailing from Czech Republic,pro cover,Heidens Hart 2008,limited to 350 hand numbered copies) $5

INFERNUS-"Suprema Profanacao" DEMO TAPE ( More blistering and caustic black metal from this blasphemous horde from Portugal. 12 minutes of pure black filth with nice pro covers 2004) $5

KHORS-"Return To Abandoned" PRO TAPE ( melodic Black Metal from Ukraine, Winter Solace 2012) $5

KHORS-"Winter Stronghold" PRO TAPE ( melodic Black Metal from Ukraine, Winter Solace 2012) $5

KRAAKHOER-"Souteneurs Van't Kwaad" TAPE ( Filthy lo-fi punk influenced black metal. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies. The Throat, Netherlands 2012 ) $5

LUCIFUGUM-"Involtation" PRO TAPE (Brand new full length release on Propaganda by these satanik black metal sickos from Ukraine-highly recommended! 2006 Propaganda) $5

LUCIFUGUM-"Sectane Satani" PRO TAPE (Ukraine black metal full length,Propaganda 2007) $5

LUG-"Other ways" DEMO TAPE ( France black metal, 1999 self released with covers by Isengard & venom) $5 

LUPERCALIA-"Per Amica Silentia Lunae" DEMO TAPE (Blackened Gothic Metal from Italy 1997 rare demo,with a Glacial Fear member) $5

MALEDICTUM / BLACK MOON SPLIT DEMO TAPE "CALL FROM THE GRAVE" (very extreme raw hellish black metal split from Chile, both bands will tear your head off!) $5

MALEFICARUM-"Consecrartum Interfector" PRO TAPE (Raw fast black metal hailing from Belarus,2000 Flaming Arts) $5

MASSHU-"Into The Darkness" PRO DEMO TAPE (Satanic American Black metal, rare self released demo 1999) $6

MOLOCH-"Ein dusterer winter kommt" DEMO TAPE ( Depressive black metal from Ukraine, ha sbeen getting great reviews on Metal Archives, Legion Blotan Records 2011) $5

MORBID CEREMONY-"Heralds Of Pestilence" DEMO TAPE ( This demo contains 3 ritualistic hymns of torment and desecration of all that is human, 100% Depraved pitch black occult metal, Canada,Skullfuckingmetal Records, 2011) $5

MORBIS INFERNUS-"s/t" DEMO TAPE ( Killer Canadian black metal, 2012 Rotting Scum Records) $5 RECOMMENDED!

MORBID UPHEAVAL / CAPRA HIRCUS SPLIT TAPE (ITA/USA-The official tape version of the Aura Mystique vinyl MLP...Morbid Upheaval offer up intense old school death while Capra Hircus even outdo the great goat metal assult demo with great war metal,2005) $5

MORKER-"Den sista ut farden" DEMO TAPE ( High class second generation black metal, 27 minutes featuring a old Dimmu Borgir cover Sweeden 2005) $5 

MORTAL WISH-"Dez Cr�nios Humanos Em Vossa Oferenda" PRO DEMO TAPE (occult black metal from Brazil 2004) $5

MORTAL WISH-"My Spirit,As Everything Began" PRO DEMO CASSETTE (Brazil-occult black metal,2007 Suicide Apology Records) $4

NAMTAR-"De Morte" PRO TAPE ( Psychedelic Industrial Black Metal. Germany, Rites For Immortality 2012) $5

NATTEFALL-" Ode to the nightsky" DEMO TAPE (  One of my favourite demos, this demo was later released on MCD by Impure Creations (France) under the band name Mundanus Imperium who ( I think anyway) are the most overlooked black metal bands in this era- trust me YOU NEED THIS! 1996 Norway) $5

NARBELETH-"Diabolus Incarnatus" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( Dark Black Metal from Cuba, nice Dark Throne cover, 2012 Serpent Eye Records ) $5

NAVI ECHO-"Crushing the lack of will EP 2011" DEMO TAPE ( Burzum like black metal with a cover of Burzums Die Liebe Nerthus, limited to 200 hand numbered copies, 2011 Winter Solace Productions pro covers) $5

NAZARENE DECIVER-"Cannibalistic Dehumanization' REHEARSAL TAPE ( Greek Black Metal, originally recorded in1990 self released) $5

NEFARIOUS-"Unholy Flames Of Hell" DEMO TAPE (Destructive necro black metal, U.S.A. 2001, Self Released) $5

NEKROSIS-"Deathraid" DEMO TAPE (intense fist fucking blasphemy done as the ancient Finnish scene produced,2003 Eternal Darkness Creations) $4

NEPENTHE-"Live at Howards" LIVE DEMO TAPE 1995 ( recorded at this bands only official live show and coincidentally the same show that was the final order from chaos show ever, fukking BARBARIC sound-NOT FOR WIMPS and has a cover of the Sathanas classic "Jaws of satan" USA) $5

NIETZSCHEAN REPRISAL-"The great hopelessness" DEMO TAPE ( Canadian black metal, Sombre March Records 2005) $4 ONE COPY!

NIHIL DOMINATION-"Bestial Alcoholnihilation" PRO DEMO TAPE (Black death blasphemy metal! Three alcoholic terrorist blasphemies and two cover songs of Sacrofago,limited to 369 handnumbered copies,self released) $5

NORTHCROWN-"Ancient Battles Part 1" DEMO TAPE (Pagan/war metal from Finland,2000-highly recommended) $5

NORTHERN FOREST  / BALPEHOR "The Depressive Dark Forest" SPLIT TAPE ( Dark ambient/black metal from Brazil vs dark ambient from Costa Rica, limited to 25 hand numbered copies, Serpents God Records 2010) $5

NUCLEAR REGION-"s/t" DEMO TAPE ( Killer Black/Death Metal from Canada, expect to hear big things about this band in the future! Self Released 2012) $5

NUCLEAR REGION "Nuclear Rehearsal" DEMO TAPE ( Killer Canadian Black/Death, self released 2013) $5

ODEM ARCARUM-"Bloody traces in the virgins snow" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( Excellent German black metal, self released 2003) $5

OLD BLOOD-"Heritage" DEMO TAPE ( Ritualistic black metal hailing from Spain, this is a re-release of both their demos "Dudlachd" & "Hammer Of Hate" on one tape, limited to 100 hand numbered copies,Winter Solace Productions 2011) $5

OLD CORPSE ROAD-"The Echoes Of Tales Once Told) DEMO TAPE ( Amazing Brittish folklore black metal, On a yellow coloured tape, limited to 100 hand numbered copies, Darkness Shade Records 2011) $5

ORBIS-"The Unquestionable chapters of a world forgotten" PRO TAPE ( Dark ambient from France, limited to 100 hand numbered copies, `Darkness Shade Records 2011) $5

OSTIE-"Make BM not relationships" PRO DEMO TAPE ( Harsh Canadian Black Metal, limited to 100 copies, Depressive Illusions *comes with a sticker*) $4

OSTIE-"s/t" PRO DEMO TAPE ( harsh Canadian Black Metal, red coloured tape Limited to 100 copies, Depressive Illusions 2012) $4

PERVERSE MONASTYR-"Perverse Monastyr" PRO DEMO CASSETTE (Bulgaria-Anti-religious Radical Black Metal,Holokaostor Productions) $5

PIMEYS-"the second comming" PRO DEMO TAPE ( Occult Finnish black metal, Darkness Productions 1999) $6

RAPTOR-"Crowning The Antichrist" DEMO TAPE ( Excellent black metal from the Netherlands, originally released in 2005, re-released by Zwaertgevegt records, lim to 66 hand numbered copies, 2010) $5

RAVENS OVER GOMORRAH-"Darkly melisma" DEMO TAPE ( 3 tracks of killer old school black metal,self released 1999) $5

RAVEN THRONE / MASSENHIMRICHTUNG SPLIT TAPE (Two Belarusian black metal bands that play tottaly different styles,  limited to 300 hand numbered copies, pro cover,Winter Solace Productions USA ) $5

RAW HATRED-"War In The Kingdom Of Heaven / Heaven Fell" PRO DEMO TAPE (Disgusting American war/black metal 2005) $5

RAW HATRED-"Southern Hell Rehersal Tape" CASSETTE (A new rehersal of this vicious American black metal band featuring covers of VON & SLAUGHTER! Not too be missed tape from a band that is about to go somewhere soon! 2004) $4

SABBATH OF THE GOAT-"Allegory" TAPE ( Extraordinary dark and disturbing black metal done by someone whom has a real knack for mixing dissonance and good black metal for an exceptional piece of this dark art! Sephirotic Publishing 2007) $5

SABBATICAL RITES-"The Destruction" DEMO TAPE ( The Salva productions release of this great Hellenic black/death metal bands second demo , 5 tracks and an intro including tracks from their excellent Omen Of Destruction demo 2002, 2005  ) $5

SAGOTH-"Dominacion Imperial" DEMO TAPE (raw nasty black metal from Venezuela (Caracas), limited to 150 hand numbered copies) $5

SAGOTH-"Gloria Satanas" DEMO TAPE (raw,fast black metal demo limited to 200 hand numbered copies) $5

SATANHARTALT-"Heathen Folk" DEMO TAPE ( Twisted black metal, Legion Blotan Records,2011) $5

 SATANIC LITANY-"Reverencing the Indestructible Darkness Power" PRO DEMO CASSETTE (Brazil-Satanic vicious black metal,Suicide Apology Records 2007) $4

SATANS VIND-"Forenade I Hat ot Gud" DEMO TAPE ( Sweedish satanic black metal, self released 2001) $5

SECRETS SHE KEPT-"La find absolute du monde" PRO TAPE ( blackened death metal from Florida, this one was masterd by James Murphy, Witch Sermon Recs USA) $5

SEMPITERNAL-"Forest of Omnot" DEMO TAPE (Filthy fucking black metal done the way it was supposed to be on Eternal Darkness) $4

SEPIREN-"Heirs Of The Fallen Cross" DEMO TAPE (Dark raw black metal from France,self released 1996) $5

SIYVL YAR-"Dualfaith" TAPE ( Russian Pagan black metal, limited to 300 hand numbered copies, pro covers, Winter Solace Productions 2011) $5

SLEJPNIR / KOSMIK KRYPT "Funeral of morality" SPLIT DEMO TAPE ( Great split tape of two upcomming Hellenic hordes of Hades....Slejpnir plays epic styled black metal a la early Emperor or Midvinter while Kosmik Krypt ( featuring devilpig from embrace of thorns) play cryptic and raw black metal like Darkthrone or early Khold, excellent stuff! Greece 2004 Hand numbered lim to 500 copies) $5

SHADOWS GROUND-"First Fucking Crime" PRO DEMO TAPE (Depressing raw black metal from Ukraine,2005 demo re-released by Morbid Count Productions,limited to 333 hand numbered copies) $5

SMOKE-"Eeuwigheyt" TAPE ( consists of 10 improvised rehearsal tracks, killer black metal from the Netherlands, 2011) $5

SMOKE-"Sermoonen Van Den Sonduer" TAPE ( Consists of 8 improvised rehearsal tracks, weed influenced black metal from The Netherlands,2011) $5

SPECTRE-"Abyss" DEMO TAPE ( Dark black metal from the UK, Legion Blotan Records 2011) $5

STAKE OF GOD-"For the primordial instincts" DEMO TAPE ( Primitive, bestial and base black/death metal from the members of Infernal Goat, 2001 Italy) $5

TEMPLE OF BAPHOMET-"Testament of the heretic priest" PRO DEMO TAPE ( Raw satanic black metal from Denmark, a great collection of their older past recordings, Satanic Deathkult Productions 2012) $5

TEMPLE OF BAPHOMET-"In morbid fascination of satan" PRO DEMO TAPE ( Raw satanic black metal from Denmark, whom has been around since the mid 90's, Satanic Deathkult productions 2011) $5

TETHAUM-"The Origin Tapes" DEMO TAPE ( A tape here unearthing 2 untitled tracks from the cold void of the past...Very dissonant and cryptic stuff from an act that really knows how to harness atmosphere from minimalism 2007) $5

TETHAUM-"Gematria" DEMO TAPE ( A new EP of solo guitar whcih is the prelude to the much anticipated Hexagram demo, Very cool atmospheric minimalism from Sephirotic Publishing, 2007 USA) $5

TETHAUM-"Hexagram" DEMO TAPE ( The grand masterpiece is finally here! Minimalism that is colder than death and blacker than coal. Atmospheric like choking on clods of burial dirt. Great stuff!!! USA 2009 Sephirotic Publishing) $5

TERDOR-"The Combat Action of 5 October 1944" DEMO TAPE (Killer black metal from The Netherlands,limited to 300 copies,War Flagellation Productions 2007) $4


TRAGEDY BEGINS "Thanatos and Katastrophe" TAPE ( Full length recordings of this great black metal band. This is much more strictly traditional black metal than their later material, great stuff! 2 killer MayheM covers too! 2003 Greece self released) $5

TYRANTS BLOOD-"Crushing onward into oblivion" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( Canadian black/death metal with members from Blasphemy and Infernal Majesty,highest possible recommendation,Maltkross productions 2011) $5

UNHOLY ARCHANGEL-"Blessed by aris" DEMO TAPE ( The monumental 7" EP presented on the Chilean released tape version, One of the finest black metal bands from the Hellenic scene) $5

UNHOLY MASSACRE-"Storm Of Hate" DEMO CASSETTE (Killer rehersal from,Raw black/death from these Brazilian maniax!Self released 1999) $5

UNDEAD PRODUCTIONS COMPILATION TAPE ( Really good old school comp tape with black metal bands like Demoncy, Enkil,Akhkharu,Black Funeral & more! 1996 * RARE*) $5

URUK-HAI-"Lothlorien" TAPE ( A long running Black metal/Ambient band from Austria, Pro cover, 13 tracks, Valgriind Rex) $5

VALAR-"Hidden paths" DEMO TAPE ( Finnish black metal, chanteloup creations, France 2000) $5 

VEINEN-"Black Hypnosis" PRO DEMO TAPE (Extreme And Numbing Black Metal That Pushes The Visions Of VON Into Further Depths Of Punishing Noise) $5 LAST COPY!

VOBISCUM LUCIPHER "Excomulgaci├│n, Blasfemia y Sacrilegio Bajo el Crep├║sculo Divino" PRO DEMO TAPE (Raw satanic black metal hailing from Columbia,limited to 1000 handnumbered copies,2003 Abyssum Productions) $6

VOLKERMORD-"Ancient Facists Return" TAPE (Aggressive raw black metal hailing from the U.K.,pro cover,War Command 2010) $5

VANYAR-"Returning To Uodens Stone" DEMO TAPE ( Epic black metal hailing from the U.K.,limited to 300 hand numbered copies, Winter Solace Productions 2011) $5

VANYAR-"Noldorin of vanyarin blood" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( Epic black metal from the U.K., Legion Blotan Records 2011) $5

VRAG-"Forever on the way of nature" DEMO TAPE ( Contains their 2010 & 2011 demos. Depressive black metal for fans of Burzum and Mutilation, on a orange coloured tape, Darkness Shade Records 2011) $5

VRAG / HARAG SPLIT TAPE ( Both are killer black metal bands from Hungary 2011 werewolf promotion ) $5

WARGROUND "Sorrowful Sounds Of Emptiness" DEMO TAPE ( Pro Cover-Canadian Funeral Doom Metal/Drone, Depressive Illusions Records) $5 ONE COPY IN STOCK!

WELTSCHMERZ-"Cry For War" TAPE ( Depressing black metal from the Netherlands, limited to 66 hand numbered copies, Zwaertgevegt Records 2010) $5

WITCHER-"Boszorkanytanc" PRO DEMO TAPE ( Atmospheric black metal from Hungary, 2011 Old Skull Productions) $5

YAOTZIN-"Heaven Burning Bleeding" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( Long running cult black metal from the Netherlands, originally released in 1998, limited to 66 hand numbered copies, Zwaertgevegt Records 2010) $5

Zaebros /Agailiarept split PRO DEMO TAPE (A raw Austrilian black metal split-highly recommended! Asphyxiate Recordings 2005-limited to 200 hand numbered copies) $5

ZARACH BAAL THARAGH "Real Life, Evil Dream" DEMO TAPE (The Demo 43 from the cult french insane Black Noise Band ZARACH BAAL THARAGH. 12 unreleased Tracks of Terror and Blasphemous. Pro printed black & white artwork ) $5

ZARACH BAAL THARAGH/ VERATYR SPLIT TAPE (Raw French Black Metal Split,Masochrist Records 2006) $4

ZARACH BAAL THARAGH / SARUEN FROM ESSENCE "Old Moon Shining" SPLIT TAPE ( Raw black metal from France VS Unique Dark Ambient/drone from the Ukraine,Thorn Laceration Records, limited to 500 copies.2009 PRO COVERS) $5

ZARACH BAAL THARAGH / WOMD SPLIT TAPE ( French raw black metal split, Ortsid Latem Productions 2010) $5

Z.B.T./ ORGE CLOAK SPLIT TAPE ( Raw, harsh black Metal Split, No Future Productions, U.S.A. 2012) $5

ZWAERTGEVEGT COMPILATION TAPE ( W/ Smoke,Doodslag,Fortvivlan,Infuscocruor,Nachtmerrie,Weltschmerz,Yaotzin,Marquis,Hellhaunt,Fenris,
Brandhaard,Solipsist,Mehemeloth,Stormwald, limited to 200 hand numbered copies, 2011) $5

Official punk rock tapes


We can now record any of these tapes onto CDR format if you don't have a tape deck!

Last updated Feb 7 2014

BANDEIRA DE COMBATE-"S/T" DEMO TAPE ( True oldschool Brazilian skinhead rock, Maltkross Productions 2010) $5

BATTLE SCARRED-"Gevalia" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( True oldschool sweeden hooligan rock,Maltkross Productions 2010) $5

CHAOTIC BASTARD-"Chaotic Rehersal 2" PRO DEMO CASSETTE (Decent thrash with a slight punk feeling from Chile,Infernal Overkill Productions) $5

CRUCIAL CARNAGE-"s/t" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( True oldschool USA skinhead rock,Maltkross Productions 2010) $5

FRANKENHOOKERS-"Bride Of Frankenhooker" BOOTLEG TAPE (40 song collection features theirunreleased/unrecorded 2nd album "Bride Of Frankenhooker:, their 2002 demo, and 4 Stradion cover songs. Metallic punk with attitude and style, Nervous Tounge Records) $4

MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT-"French edition tape 2010" FUL LENGTH TAPE ( True oldschool USA skinhead hardcore,Maltkross Productions) $5

MARKLAND FOLKS-"Revolte contre le monde moderne" DEMO TAPE ( Canadian Pagan folk metal/oi, Maltkross Productions 2011) $5

MARTOK-"HEY!" TAPE (Cannibalistic pig folk music from Canada,SFM Records) $3

MISFITS-"Live In Argentia 07/15/2000" BOOTLEG TAPE ( 29 well recorded tracks recorded live at Museum Buenos Aires,SFM Records 2011) $5

RENDER USELESS-"S/T" PRO DEMO TAPE ( Old school Canadian hardcore punk, Vancouver, self released 1994) $5

RESSIDUO-"Estandarte Del Caos" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( True oldschool skinhead rock from Columbia, Maltkross Productions 2010) $5

RUTHLESS PRIDE-"s/t" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( True french oldschool fuck the world punk rock,Maltkross Productions 2009) $5

7 DAY DROP-"Flawed to the start" Demo tape (metalcore) $4

SEX PISTOLS "Never Mind The Bollocks" PRO TAPE ( Tape cover has some slight wear but nothing too bad) $5

SON OF HAPPY-"T.A.L.H.S.O.M.A." DEMO TAPE ( 1980's styled hardcore punk, excellent stuff, Canada, 1988) $5

THE BANDIO-"Solo para skinheads" TAPE ( 7 tracks of old school skinhead rock, Maltkross Productions 2011) $5

THE CARNIVAL-"S/T" DEMO TAPE ( Oldschool Finnish crossover, great stuff! Maltkross Productions 2010) $5

THE FHEDS-"Worst case scenario" DEMO TAPE ( Old school Canadian hardcore punk with a touch of thrash! Self released 1999 *Recommended*) $3

THE FIEND-"s/t" DEMO TAPE ( True cult 1980's uk street punk/oi!, Maltkross Productions) $5

THE FUZZTONES-"Live In Europe" PRO TAPE ( Classic garage rock/punk, 1987 Fringe records) $3 

THE GENERATORS-"The horking pig sessions" PRO DEMO TAPE ( Awesome punk rock from Montreal,Canada, self released 1998- first edition) $3

TRIOXIN 245-"The Experiment" PRO DEMO TAPE (D-beat Hardcore Rock n' Roll from the political wasteland of Ottawa. Zombie Fetus Records-limited to 245 copies) $4

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Greetings, I used to do a printed magazine titled "Worship Satan Zine" back in 2005-06 which later became a webzine. I am currently working on a new printed zine and we are looking for underground bands of all styles/genres to submit your demo/album via snail mail only for definite review. Also, we might be interested in interviewing your band if we find you interesting. We have been supporting the underground for many many years now and have contacts across the entire world and back so we can guarantee you that our zine will be circulated across the world in large numbers. Don't hesitate to contact us asap at Looking forward to hearing from you all soon! Thanks!