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Team America World Police 2004 $3
The Ringer 2006( Johnny Knoxville) $3



Crash 2006 ( 2 dvds Mat Dillon ) $3
Chain Reaction 1996 ( Keanu Reeves) $3
District 9 2009 ( Peter Jackson) $3
Formula 51 2001 ( Samuel Jackson , Meat Loaf) $3
Killing Zoe 1994 ( Quentin Tarantino) $3
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 2003 $3
Redneck County 1975 ( Scott Mackenzie) $3
Total Recall 1990 ( Schwarzenegger) $3
The Marsh 2006 ( Forest Whitaker) $3
The Invasion 2008 ( Nicole Kidman) $3
The Rock ( Nicholas Cage / Sean Connery) $3
The Sentinel 2006 ( Kiefer Sutherland) $3
The Last Letter 2007 ( William Forsythe) $3

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Friday, February 11, 2011


Below is our huge selection of bootleg tapes. All tapes come with nice artwork. These bootleg tapes have excellent sound quality and are great to add to your collection!

Reduced shipping offered for multiple item orders. E-mail us at for more info. Thanx.

AMEBIX-"Do you really want your freedom" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Bootlegged edition of this seminal UK crustpunk/grind/metal originator!) $5

AMEBIX-"No masters" BOOTLEG TAPE ( A bootlegged collection of the No Sanctuary LP, The whos the enemy 7" and the winter 7" EP) $5

AMEBIX-"V Zivo Slovenia 1986 BOOTLEG TAPE (Much as the name suggests, a live tape from Slovenia in 1986) $5

ANGRY SAMOANS-"Live In Seattle,W.A., 30/07/88" BOOTLEG TAPE ( classic hardcore punk) $5

ANTI-CIMEX-"Anarchist Attack" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Great underground bootleg collection of live and studio sessions of this promordial band of crust punk godiness, Sweeden) $5

ANTI-CIMEX-"Shitkickers" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Fucking godly collection of LP and 7" stuff from one of Sweedens finest crustpunk bands ever!) $5

AZRAEL-"Obdurate" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (Avant-garde Black Metal from USA rare demo originally released in 2001) $4

AZRAEL-"Unto Death" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Avant-garde American black metal demo, originally released in 2001) $4

BARBATOS / BASTARDATOR SPLIT TAPE BOOTLEG TAPE ( Japan punk metal vs oldschool Canadian thrash metal, both bands live in Montreal,  2008 Evil Spirit Distro, Peru) $5

BEYOND-"Relentless Abomination Vortex" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Killer German death metal 2011) $5

BLIND ILLUSION-"The resurrection of the NWOSFHM" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Contains 5 demos 1983-1989 +  a bonus track SFM Records/Hounds of tindalos productions 2012) $5

CANNIBAL CORPSE-"The Bleeding" BOOTLEG TAPE ( One of their best albums recorded to date, a bootleg version of a promotional copy for this release with different cover art.) $5

CANNIBAL CORPSE-"S/T" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Death metal, their first demo 5 tracks) $5 

CARCASS-"LIVE SYMPHONIES" BOOTLEG TAPE (west German bootleg,1990, 13 tracks) $5


CARCASS-"Zombie grind over Liverpool" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Live recording from Planet X in Liverpool from May 4th 1988) $5

CARNIVORE-"Thermonuclear warriors of doom" BOOTLEG TAPE ( 2010 live set from Lamours in Brooklyn, New York January 3rd 1986. Alongside an unreleased bonus track from 1984!) $5

CELTIC FROST-"Nemesis Of Power" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Their 1992 demo) $5

CELTIC FROST-"Live west germany 1986" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Two live shows from Germany in 1986, one from Weinheim and one from Hamburg! Need a further description?) $5

CELTIC FROST-"Live At Giessen" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Killer bootleg tape recorded at Giessen on May 31st 1985. Nussled entley between Morbid Tales and To Mega Therion...Need anything furthur?) $5

CHARLES MANSON-"Saints are hell on earth" BOOTLEG TAPE ( recorded in 1983 in San Quentin prison, Califorina. Edited from a 90 min performance. Great sound! TPOS Records, year unknown) $5

CHARLES MANSON "Lie" BOOTLEG TAPE ( 15 tracks, originally released by TPOS on tape format in 1987) $5

CHARLES MANSON "The Hallways Of The Always" BOOTLEG TAPE ( A killer collection of Manons music recorded on various dates in jail, Nervous Tounge 2007) $5

CHAOS U.K.-"The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes" BOOTLEG TAPE (  Killer UK punk rock, Weasel Records) $5 

CONCRETE SOX-"Your turn next" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Cult Crust- Weasel Records) $5 

CRASS-"Last Gig Ever" BOOTLEG TAPE (Quaility bootleg of this legendary political punk rock bands last show) $5

DAYGLO ABORTIONS-"Live At The Cobalt, Vancouver, B.C. May 11,2011" BOOTLEG TAPE ( An excellent recording by these long running Canadian punker thrashers- Tottaly recommended!) $5

DEADHEAD-"10 tracks of thrash!!!!" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Deadhead were a thrash metal band at the turn of the 1980s/1990's and I think one of the best ever! This tape is a great sampling for those who would like to taste some of the best from the original era of thrash metal supremacy! ( Holland) $5

DEAD KENNEDYS-"1978 Demo" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Fourteen trax of unalterated punk godhood done as only Jello Biafra and crew can deliver, Incoherence Society 2007) $5

DEATH ANGEL-"Kill As One" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (Their classic 3 song demo at your disposal!) $5

DEATH-"Rehearsal '86" TAPE (bootleg version of this classic death metal rehearsal. For collectors only!) $5

DEATH SS-"An Offering To The Cursed Coven" BOOTLEG CASSETTE (Demos from 1982 & 1984,live show from Certaldo 1993 & Milano from 1992) $5

DEATH SS-"The Legend Of....." BOOTLEG TAPE ( Death SS formed around 1977 and since have created some hidden masterpieces of metal horror. The band also is one of the first to dress up on stage with wild makeup and strange outfits in the shapes of demon animals. To date they have never released an album in the U.S.A. This collection represents the few rare bootleg recordings I have been able to obtain through my trading in the 1990's.) $5

DEATH-"Mutilation" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( You guys should buy this tape just to read the "fuck off" list in the tapes inlay!! Its Hilarious!!!) $5

DEATH INVOKER-"Reh-desecrations '05-'07" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Raw black/thrash/death metal from Peru, originally self released by the band in 2007, for fans of old school extreme metal!) $5 

DEGENERATE YOUTH " World Gone Mad" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Old school Toronto thrash metal, 1989) $5

DEMIGOD-"Unholy Domain" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (Mystical death metal hailing from Finland,originally released in 1991) $5

DESTROY-"Create chaos" BOOTLEG TAPE ( 1989 live demo tape, live at CBGB'S classic cult crust/grind) $5 


DESTRUCTOR-"Smashing studios,smashing stages" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Contains "Decibel Casualites" unreleased MLP 1988, "Smash your skulls" Demo 1985, Live at Peabodys Down Under, Cleveland,OH 7/10/86, "Power Aggression" Unreleased demo 1987 and live at the Olde Brooklyn Tavern, Cleveland,OH, 1/11/86) $5

DISCHARGE-"Live at the Lyceum" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Great live show of the crust gods at their ultimate finest, recorded live at the Lyceum Theater on 5/24/81) $5

DISCHARGE-"Live at the city garden-New Jersey,U$A 1989, sfm records 2011 ) BOOTLEG TAPE $5

DISCLOSE-"Fear Of War" BOOTLEG TAPE ( A GREAT example of a truley underground release. This has 8 songs recorded at the tail end of 1993. More great sounding crusty-punk extremity. Fans of Driller Killer, Wolfpack, Anti Cimex, Discharge and all kinds of "Dis" bands etc, take note!) $5

DISCLOSE-"No more pain" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Excellent crazy hardcore/crust caught somewhere between Anti Cimex & G.I.S.M., Good solid & loud sound) $5

DISMEMBER-"Last Blasphemies" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Death metal 3 tracks) $5

DISMEMBER-"Dismembered" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Death metal- 3 tracks) $5

DISMEMBER-"Reborn in blasphemy" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Death metal- 3 tracks, Nuclear Blast Records) $5

DOOM-"1987-1998" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Contains War Crimes LP 1998, Split 10" with Cress,Demo #1 27/8/1982 + unreleased track) $5

 DOUCHINE-"Fuck.Shit.Piss" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Raw Canadian black metal, limited to 13 copies, so we decided to bootleg it because yes, it NEEDS to be HEARD!!) $5

DREAM THEATER-"Live at the mid hudson civic center,Poughkeepsie,NY 3/18/93" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Audience recording of this progressive metal legend doing 10 songs) $5

DYSTOPIA-"Human=Garbage" BOOTLEG TAPE ( This is a neat tape containing  the Human=Garbage CD tracks and also the back stabber 7" tracks. Heavy crust mixed with sort of Eyehategod type of feel) $5

EMBALMER-"Into The Oven" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( One of the better bands from back in the 1990's American death metal scene in all of its purulent purity! Five songs of old school sick fucking death metal the way it was MEANT to be!!!! Originally released in 1991) $5 

EMPEROR-"Ancient Rehearsals" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Two full length rehearsals from the golden age when fire illuminated the Northern Sky! Great loud and raw sound. Side one was recorded 9/22/92 and side two recorded 10/19/92. A must for any black metal fan featuring the requisite Emperor classics) $5

ENSLAVED-"Live In Mexico 8/12/95" BOOTLEG TAPE (11 songs from the "Viking Metal" kings of Norway,included in the full set is the mandatory Mayhem cover and tracks off their Frost,Eld and Vikingligr Veldi albums) $5

ENSLAVED-"Live In Portland October 2002" BOOTLEG TAPE (Incredible sounding live set from this well estiblished pagan/black metal act..Very excellent,sound containing 12 tracks. Highly Recommended.) $5

EXPULSER / BRUTAL DISTORTION SPLIT BOOTLE TAPE ( A must buy just for the EXPULSER stuff, but the B.D. is great icin on the already sick cake! 8 songs from each band. EXPULSER is sick SARCOFAO/SEX THRASH styled black death while BRUTAL DISTORTION is more along the lines of brutal death metal. The EXPULSER stuff was recorded in 1990 while the BD stuff was recorded in 2008. ) $5

FUNLAND-"Dead AT Last" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( old school hardcore punk) $5

G.G. ALLIN-"Tortured By His Own Savagery" BOOTLEG TAPE (28 song collection spanning his entire career from 1977-1993. features many classic tracks along with several rare cuts and live performances. A must have!) $5

G.G. ALLIN-"Live At The Lismar Lounge" BOOTLEG TAPE (New York City,11/4/87,cool live set from one of the sickest fuckers to ever vocalize into a microphone. GG swoons to eight classics including the delightful Bloody Marys Bloody Cunt and the touching balled I wanna rape you. Belly-Rubbing-Baby Making music if I ever heard it!) $5

GRIMA MORSTUA-"Essecence Of Demons Fire" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( 2002 Eerie occult based black metal with excellent sick vocals from Argentia 2002) $5

GRIM WINTER- "s/t"  DEMO TAPE ( Canadian Black Metal,2004 ex Maniac/Geihmre member) $5

GUNS N ROSES-"Live in Rio 1/14/01" BOOTLEG TAPE ( A great GnR gig, good sound but a few sound interuptions) $5

HELLPREACHER-"Ressurection" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Old school thrash metal from Texas, USA 1986) $5

HELLVOMIT-"Jesus can fuck off" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Raw black metal by Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust fame) $5 

HERESY-"Final-Part two" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Cool anthology tape of one of the bands that bridged the gap between fast hardcore and grindcore. Containing the Whose Generation 7" 1998 2 Peel sessions and stuff from two live shows 1986 & 1989. ) $5

IGGY & THE STOOGES-"Live at academy of sound 1973 NYC 12/31/73) BOOTLEG TAPE $5

IMPALED NAZARENE-"Godless Goatlust" BOOTLEG TAPE (w/shemhamforash reh/demo,the htao fo eht taog demo and live stuff from 1991-92) $5

IMMORTAL-"Suffocate" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Their first demo back when they were a death metal band, excellent demo!) $5 

IRON ANGEL-"Live At Altenessen Emscher 1984" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Raw live tape of one of the greatest German thrash metal bands ever! At Jugenhaus, Altenessen December 1st 1984.  $5

JOHN ZORN-"Live Xu-Feng 9/16/98" LIVE TAPE ( A live set by one of music's greatest visionaries hailing from the U.K. brought to us by the excellent Sephirotic Publishing, 2008) $5

JOHN ZORN-"Live July 5,2000" LIVE TAPE ( Another Sephirotic Publishing Gem! Yet another night with the master) $5

IMMORTAL-"Suffocate" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (1991,neato bootleg of Immortal's 1991 demo,3 songs of harsh Northern black/death metal done ala Sephirotic Publishing) $5

IMPETIGO-"Giallo" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (bootleg version of their brutal 1989 demo) $5

MALARIA-"Mass Graves" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( I couldn't resist & made a bootleg version of this killer grindwar band hailing from Canada, originally released in 2007 by Poison Mist Propaganda) $3

MANIAC-"S/T" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( An excellent Canadian Thrash Metal demo, originally released in 2005) $5

MANOWAR-"Demo '81" BOOTLEG TAPE (Classic demo by this classic band * Poor sound, for serious collectors only!! ) $5

MAYHEM-"Pure Fucking Armageddon" Bootleg Tape (1986/2007 The Sephirotic Publishing bootleg reissue of this black/death metal masterpiece,Contains the Pure Fucking Armageddon and the Voice Of A Tortured Skull tracks,excellence!!) $5

M.D.C.-"Live at Skylite Club, 31/3/83" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Classic American Hardcore punk) $5

MEGADETH / SLAYER "The Toronto Double Cross" Split Live Tape ( Megadeth Live at Maple Leaf Gardens,Toronto,1/9/1988, 9 tracks, SLAYER Live at Massey Hall, Toronto,1/27/1987 12 tracks) $5

MERCYFUL FATE-"Journey To The House Of Satan" BOOTLEG TAPE (16 song collection that features many rare and extremely hard to find gems from 1980-1982 with some that have never appeared on any albums. Essential mayhem for all metal maniacs. Nervous Tounge Records) $5



METALLICA-"Bang Or Be Banged" BOOTLEG TAPE (killer bootleg release featuring No Life Till Leater demo '82,Live In San Francisco '82,Instrumental Reh '85,and a live '83 recording) $5

MISFITS-"Shocking Return" BOOTLEG CASSETTE (A amazing soundboard bootleg from their shocking return show in 1996 as well as a bonus rare live set at 930 Club,Washington,D.C. 10/22/82 on side B!,SkullFucking Metal Records)$4

MISFITS-"Beyond evil- demos and outtakes 1977-1980 & Beware and the rest" TAPE ( Classic Misfits recordings from back in their early years, great sound quality!) $5

MISFITS-"Live In Argentia 07/15/2000" BOOTLEG TAPE ( 29 well recorded tracks recorded live at Museum Buenos Aires)  $5

MORBID-"December Moon" Bootleg demo (1987/2007 Sephirotic Publishing does an excellent job paying homage to this seminal mid-eighties underground death metal classic!) $5


MORBID ANGEL-"Live Madness" BOOTLEG TAPE (Great live bootleg recorded at Nottingham Rock City in Nottingham 11/14/89 on the legendary Grindcrusher Tour...really good crisp sound) $5

MORBIDOX-"C.R.D.K." BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Old school thrash metal from Canada, 1989) $5

MR. BUNGLE-"The raging wrath of the easter bunny" BOOTLEG TAPE ( A band featuring Mike Patton and Trevor Dunn, but not so much the experimental stuff today's Ipecac recordings. This is raging grindcore mixed with old hardcore punk, with some experimentation. Recorded on easter sunday 1986) $5

NAPALM DEATH-"Live Obliteration Of Scum" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Good quality boot of the 11/7/87 show from Belgium) $5

NAZARENE DECEIVER-"Cannibalistic Dehumanization" BOOTLEG TAPE ( A real jem here for you demo nuts like me, search for the evil that lies obscured under all the popular and accpeted black/death. metal. Classic Greek black death that contains that extra ethereal element only found in bands from Italy and Greece like Black Prophecies, early Varathron, Lemegethon and Satanas Tedeum era Rotting Christ. Recorded in 1990 ) $5

NIHILIST - "Only Shreds Remain" Bootleg demo (Swedish cult death fucking metal, originally released in 1989) $5

NIHILIST-"Premature Autopsy" Bootleg demo (Swedish cult death metal, originally released in 1988) $5

NOSFERATU-"Burning Into Damnation" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Old school Canadian thrash metal, 1988) $5

NOVACHROME-"Chromatose" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( oldschool hardcore punk, 1987) $5

NUNSLAUGHTER-"Impale The Soul..." BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (Cult American Death Metal 1991 demo) $5

OBEISANCE-"Black Baptism Of October" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Black Metal, ) $5

ONSLAUGHT-"Black Horse Of Famine" BOOTLEG TAPE (Contains the "What Lies Ahead?" demo and alot more!) $5

ORDER FROM CHAOS-"DEMO 1" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (American cult black/death metal bootleg of their first demo orginally released in 1988) $5

ORDER FROM CHAOS-"Inhumanities" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (American cult black/death metal second demo originally released in 1988) $5

OUTBRREAK-"OF Evil" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( An almost unknown band from the Nodveidt brothers paying homage to the German thrash of Necronomicon, Poison and Sodom! Powerfull 1985 type death metal supremacy by a band that is criminally all but forgotten Hail the old ways!!! 1995) $5

PARADISE LOST-"The Nuclear Abominators Return" BOOTLEG TAPE (1988 demo and Frozen Illusion demo+lots of live stuff and more) $5

PARADISE LOST-"Plains Of Desolation" BOOTLEG LIVE TAPE 1990 ( Live set ( by what was then) the best of the morbid death metal genre....Total classics like Nuclear Abomination, Lost Paradise and Internal torment! Also not one everything but the girl cover! This is the real deal, before rock Holmes turned into a bleached blonde version of Robert Smith.) $5

PENTAGRAM-"Masters Of Macabre Metal" BOOTLEG TAPE ( As one of the founding fathers of doom metal this band has never gotten their fair share of respect and notoriety. These demo recordings were made between 1970-1974. It is clear what bands Pentagram did influence and what an important force they would have been if they'd had a chance to record an actual album in their early incarnation. This compilation is intended tp spread their obscure music to the current generation of underground dwellers. ***Poorer sound quality as these recordings are very rare/old, for serious collectors only***) $5

PESTILENCE-"Dysentery" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (This is a must have for all fans of death metal! Their 1987 ass kicking demo bootlegged for your disposal!) $5

PRE METAL SYNDROME-"S/T" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Classic American punk/thrash in the Plasmatics vein, originally released in 1987) $5

RAZOR-"Fun With Sharp Objects" BOOTLEG TAPE (w/armed and dangerous mlp,demo tracks from 1984 and a live show from 1985! hail Canadian thrash metal!) $5

SABBATICAL RITES-"Omen Of Destruction" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (Long running Greek Black Metal,in the Burzum vein,2002) $5

SAMHAIN-"Stardust Ballroom,Hollywood,CA 1984" Bootleg Tape (Another Sephirotic Publishing Gem! A live set of fifteen classic tracks including a Misfits golden oldie! Recommended!) $5

SARCOFAGO-"Brazilian Civil War Pt.1-Sex,Drinks & Satanic Desecration" BOOTLEG TAPE (rehearsals from '87-'89+the great Christ's Death demo) $5

SARCOFAGO-"Christs Death" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Ancient South American cult black metal ) $5

SEPULTURA-"Brazilian Civil War Pt.2-Morbid Dominators Of Megiddo" BOOTLEG TAPE (live show from 1986 and rehersal tracks circa 1987) $5

SOLITUDE AETURNUS-"s/t" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Old School epic Doom Metal from Texas, USA, self released 1989) $5

SLATCH-"Welcome to the 90's" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Catch punk/heavy metal) $5

SLAYER-"Live at San Antonio, Texas, USA Nov 30th 1984 12 tracks $5

SLAYER-"Hell No Longer Awaits" BOOTLEG TAPE (live show San Diego 2/1/86,demo 1982 and rehersal tracks,Eternal Darkness Creations) $5

SLAYER-"Clash Of The Titans" BOOTLEG TAPE (At the Arena,Miami 7/14/91,live bootleg tape 2008, another quailty bootleg from our friends at Sephirotic Publishing! Eleven songs from one of the greatest speed metal bands of all time featuring Hell Awaits, The Antichrist and many more!!) $5

SNOWFALL-"Black Terror Art" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Raw depressive canadian black metal) $5 

SOLITUDE-"And Justice For All" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Old school cult doom metal from Texas, USA, 1988) $5

SPLATTERREAH-"reh/demo 1" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Old school death metal/grind core from Texas, USA 1989) $5

SYRUS-"s/t" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE ( Old school progressive power metal from Texas, USA1986)$5

THE CULT-Spirit Walker Live 1986 BOOTLEG TAPE ( Classic Hard Rock/Metal-Great sound) $5

THE OBSESSED-"The Preacher and the Sodden Jackal" BOOTLEG TAPE (In the praise of the mighty Scott Weinrich we present you a tape of early Obsessed demos and live songs from a live show from Friendship Station in 1983!!!***rougher sound quality,for serious collectors only***) $5

TERRORIZER-"Discography" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Another example as to why bootlegs shall one day rule the Earth....great old tape with the Nausea/Terrorizer split LP, the demo/rehearsal bootleg 7" ( a bootleg of a bootleg fuck ya!) and demo 1 1987. Are you man enough to face TRUE ANALOG DOMINATION???) $5

TORMENTOR-"Live In Budapest 1986" TAPE ( Cult black metal from Hungary, excellent recording featuring Attila from Mayhem fame on vocals! ) $5

TWISTED SISTER-"Live in San Bernardino" LIVE BOOTLEG TAPE ( 1984 a recorded for radio set from the stay hungry of the best of early 80's heavy fucking metal! caught live when that phrase actually meant something!) $5

VENOM-"ARRGGH" BOOTLEG LIVE CASSETTE (live at the Ritz,NY 4/4/86,Different recording with more songs than the Eine Klien Nachtmusick live album version,need I make any further description? *sound quality is fair*) $5

VENOM-"Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1985" BOOTLEG TAPE (14 blessings from the infernal masters of this earth!! This is the live show brought to you back in 1985 on the "Alive in 85" home video,with a great sound,very comparable to that very home video. Brilliance!!) $5

VOIVOD-"Korgull Lives" BOOTLEG TAPE (their classic demo from 1984 in its entirety) $5
VOMITOSE-"Don't Say We Didn't Warn You" BOOTLEG TAPE ( An American band playing GG Allin covers entirley on this tape, featuring the classicks I Am The Highest Power, Caroline & Sue,You Hate Me & I Hate You, I Live To be Hated, Drink, Fight and Fuck,Die When You Die,I'm Gonna Rape You,Bite It You Scum + much more! tottaly recommened! Also included a rare exclusive chat with GG Allin on 4/30/93 1994) $5

WARLOCK MOON-"Rehearsal Demo 5/5/07" BOOTLEG CASSETTE (Excellent rehearsal from this raw Canadian black metal band, self released 2007) $4

WARLOCK MOON-"Power Of Darkness" BOOTLEG TAPE ( Outstanding raw old styled Canadian Black Metal, Tottaly Recommended! Self Released 2009) $5

WORSHIP-"Last Tape Before Doomsday" BOOTLEG DEMO TAPE (German funeral doom metal demo originally released in 1999) $5

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Worship Satan Zine




Satanic worship sometimes tend to strange masochist pathologies... While some dream about seasons in bed with MADONNA, some would rather choose to "rest" in bed with SATAN! Ahr! Of corpse, it's all a matter of choice and sexual affinities, but I'm not sure if the overactive and thorny burning member of the evilest demon would be a pleasant nocturnal soarprise... Anyway of the spiked leg, here's a new fanzine printed on real paper, with the real black ink you have almost ceased to dream about, and a nice cute and paste layout. As you have probably noticed, the content is rather old school metal focused, with cool interviews of HELLACAUST, HORDE OF WORMS, SKITZO, TERMINAL DESCENT, F.A.T.O, few movie reviews, some flyers, and a bunch of demos/ albums reviews being too short! (Some length and more descriptions/ criticism are needed! Most of the time, you only learn the style of the band and if the editor likes it or not. Work on this next time!) Please don't notice the raw cover drawing was bestially vomited by myself. So, for a first issue it's cool (and it's sold for a low price) but I hope the next one will have more content and longer reviews. (A POSSESSED interview is sheduled, so that sounds good in my beer).
Email: anarshee AT hotmail DOT com

I got your zine and liked it a lot. very cool first issue. oldschool, real FANZINE like the good old days! looking forward to your next one, man!
keep in touch! Billy




MOST CDR'S ARE ONLY $3 EACH! ( Unless otherwise noted) ( Can it get any cheaper! what a deal!)

All CDR's come with official with decent looking covers and packaging. :)

Reduced shipping rates offered for multiple item orders. The more you buy the cheaper shipping for your order will be per item. E-mail us for more info.

Last updated:Feb 7 2014

ACIDITY REGULATOR-"Bloody Hammer Massakre CDr (perverted grind/death metal frp, Hungary) $3

AETHERIUS OBSCURITAS / VENTUS SPLIT PRO CDR ( killer Black Metal split, Paragon Records, USA. ) $5

ALCATRAZZ-Bootleg CDR ( featuring Wngwie Malmsteen, recorded live Country Club,  Reseda Califorina 1984, 10 tracks) $3

AMOK-"Effective mass torture/ Lava dictatorship/ Sadistic attack" CDr (3 demos on one cdr of raw death metal featuring a Ex-Immortal/Necrophagia member,Norway.) $3

ANAL CUNT-"The EP's Collection" 2 DISC CDR SET ( A killer 2cdr set by these maniacs containing all of their recordings that can be found on their EP's! Tottaly recommended!) $5

A SILENT TIDE-CROATIAN UNDERGROUND COMPILATION CDr (Amazing See Threw Packaging featuring Droga,Cyogenic,Dementia,Powerset,Crui,Mentalny Kolaps,Slave Complex,Gentle Junk,Gruuthaagy,Holocaust Rosegarden,Amd+ much more all good noize/experimental/ambient,Soundbleed Production) $3

A.T.V.S.A.-"Count Me Out" CDr (harsh/noise USA,2003) $3

ATAVISM / DISSECTED Split 3" CDR (Death Metal/Grind, 2012 Deathfore Records, Greece) $3

AWESOME BIND LADEN / BLUE SHIRTS SPLIT CDR (  indiana waves from ABL. ontario and nova scotia madness from BS, featuring an appearance at food not bombs in london ontario. limited to 21 copy.
Neat packaging, Robot Lust Records 2011) $3

AYAKSVOKSOM-"s/t" DEMO CDR ( Death Metal/Grindcore from France, Pro cover, 2009) $3

BABIMIRON-"Pure negativism-In allegiance with self wreckage" PROMO CDR ( Black metal,2006) $3

BELIAL / DEMIGOD SPLIT CDr ( A excellent bootleg split, Belial is old school death metal, included on this bootleg is 7 live tracks from Valo,Oulu,Finland 12.07.1991 with covers by Terrorizer & Obituary & The Gods Of The Pit demo from 1991. Demigod is dark death metal hailing from Finland, this bootleg has live tracks from Day Of Darkness-Oulu, Finland 23.08.1991 & Rehearsal tracks from 18.02.1992. A total must have for all death metal fanatics!) $3

BIG DADDY-"Hungry Hungry Nipple" PRO CDr (4 tracks of sick harsh noise, U.S.A.,slut factory records 2009 * Nice pro layout*) $3

BLACK SABBATH-"Ausie Knights" 2 CDR BOOTLEG SET ( Soundboard recording live at Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia 11/27/80) $5 

BLACK SABBATH-"Live at the Convention Center, Asbury Park, NJ" 2 CDR SET ( Unbelieveably wicked double live soundboard recording of Black Sabbath in Asbury Park, on May 8th 1975. Do I really need to go into details? ) $5

BLACK SABBATH-"Pittsburgh Ecstacy" BOOTLEG CDR ( Godly sounding soundboard recording of Black Sabbath's stop in the land of zombies and Iron City Beer on the Technical Ecstacy tour December 8th 1976! *Recommened*) $3

BLACKEND EMBERS-"Creation Of Blasphemy" CDr (A drunken mess of blackend chaos meets industrial madness and doom that will make you want to cut your own head off! (Canada) pro covers,SkullfuckingMetal Records 2010)$3

BLANK VERSE-"Karelia Ingria" CDr (Experimental music-neat packaging, Visceral Circuitry Recs,France 2010) $3

BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT / HEATHEN LIFECODE SPLIT CDR (5 songs each band with good sound, comes with booklet and inlay on red paper. Barbaric Black/Death for BNT,orthodox hammering War Metal for HLC. A masterpiece of brutality and discipline.War Command 2010) $6 LAST COPY!!!

BLIND ILLUSION-"NWOSFHM" BOOTLEG CDR ( Contains their s/t 1983 demo, "trilogy of terror" 1985 demo,"Blood shower" 1986 demo,"slow death"1986 demo,"Psychedelic symphony" 1989 demo, 14 tracks total, SFM Records/Obscurations in the witch house 2011) $3

BLOODWORK-"Insufficient Flesh" CDr (blasting death/grind from U.K.) $3

BLUNDER NEKROMUNDA-"Songs Of Filth & Deviation" DEMO CDr (Killer Polish Grindcore action in the vein of Carcass/Gut/Brutal Truth,2003) $3

BOLT THROWER-"Concession Of Pain" BOOTLEG CDR ( The original Concession Of Pain demo 1987 and their demo 1989 on one CDR,great sound quality from one of the greatest death metal bands in history) $3

BONEACHE "Decomposition & Sickness" CDR ( old School Grindcore, comes in a nice cardboard coloured sleeve, 2012 several labels) $3

BONEMACHINE / GRUUTHAAGY SPLIT CDr (Satanarchistelectrodoom vs. industrial heathen hell,Skullfuckingmetal Records,2006) $3

BREATH OF CHAOS-"They lay in stone houses" PRO CDR ( Canadian Black Metal/Ambient, Profane Productions 2006) $5

BRIMSTONE IN FIRE / PATHOGEN Split CDr (Top notch death metal split cdr, both bands hail from the Phillippines,2008) $3

BROSATANICUM-"Enter The Black Metal Holocaust" PRO CDR ( Black Metal, hand numbered copy 2/66) $7 *ONLY ONE COPY IN STOCK*

BUCKSHOT FACELIFT-"Flushed ashes" CDR ( insane grindcore from the states, demo 2012 ) $ 3

CARNEUS-"Hate Incarnated" CDr (Above average Swedish death metal demo,2005) $3

CAT SHIT / NEWTDICK Split pro 3" CDR ( Disgusting & perverse slime grind, The Nutz Records) $5

CAVATICUS-"Amentia" PRO CDr (Quality French dark/black metal,Resistancia Underground 2006-limited to 200 hand numbered copies) $3

CELTIC FROST-"Rehearsals and Demos 1984-85" BOOTLEG CDr (Seventy-five minutes of pure death metal brilliance,these guys were the mold for which all that followed..18 songs from 6 sessions from the late Hellhammer until To Mega Therion era Frost" $3

COLICO / GORGONIZED DORKS / KUUAF / THEOLOGICAL 4 WAY SPLIT CDr (all good 4-way noize/industrial split,Mierda En La Gabeza Records) $3

CORE-"Disease" PRO CDr (Killer death/grind demo hailing from Turkey, 2004) $3

Corpse of Christ-"Supreme God's Revolt..." PRO CDr (extreme satanic black metal hailing from Brazil,Philosofic Art 2003) $3

CORPSE MOLESTATION / BESTIAL WARLUST split CDR ( Cult black/death metal from Australia, C.M. live in Melbourne 22.09.1992 and B.W. live at HellClub, Melbourne, August of 1995) $3

CORRUPT INSANITY-"Demo 2" CDR ( Insane crossover from the Phillipines, sounds like its straight from the 1980's! Fans of Evil Dead, S.O.D. & D.R.I. will eat this demo right up!!! Self Released 2007) $3 

CRADLE OF FILTH-"The Beginning Of Filthness" Bootleg CDR ( Featuring their 3 old demos, basically Death Metal, "Invoking The Unclean" 1992, "Total Fucking Darkness" 1992, "Orgastic Pleasures" 1992) $3

CUMSOCK / PAGANFIRE SPLIT CDr (split cdr 300 copies of a split cdr where the unique grind style of CUM SOCK from Canada (a misture of new and old elements in grind) meets the raw thrashing metal mania of PAGAN FIRE from Philippines. An amazing split that deserves to be noticed from real underground maniaxxx,SEWER RECORDS) $3

CUMSOCK-"S/T" CDr (Canadian grindnoizers back at it again spewing the same profane garbage as usual,SFM Records 2008) $3

CYBER CHRIST-"Virtual Masturbation" CDr (Ambient/Experimental,really hypnotic stuff,from Russia) $3

CYSTIC TERATOMA-"Melanoma" CDr (Italy-Disgusting gore grind demo,Lo-Fi Records,limited to 100 copies) $3

DARK LORD-"Infernal Black Metal" PRO CDr (Brazil-Top notch black metal assult! *recommended* Mountain Productions) $3

DARUIN / YINGFAN-"Hair Peach" SPLIT CDr (Cool packaging!Japan- Harsh noize split-Neus 2008) $3

DAWN OF SORROW-"Prelude To War" CDR ( Good solid Black/Death Metal a la demo era IMPALZED NAZARENE. 2006 self released USA) $3

DEAD CONGREATION-"Purifying consecrated ground" CDR ( Killer death metal) $5 ONE COPY!

DEAD CHRETIENS / THE MINDLESS SHOW SPLIT CDR ( Coll punkrock split, Pissart Records, Malaysia) $3

DEAD LIKE ME-"My Still Twitching Corpse" CDr (Ukraine-unproduced goregrind,self released) $3

DEAD KENNEDYS-"A skateboard party" CDr ( A neato collection of a live show from Germany in 1982, some tracks from their 1978 demo sessions and an interview by Bob Pearce) $3

DEAD SHALL RISE-"Corpse Paint" CDr (3 tracks of raw Canadian black metal featuring a member from Warlock Moon) $3

DEATH-"Live In Florida 12-31-84" CDr ( 13 tracks, excellent sound quality, Skullfuckingmetal Records 2011) $3


DEATHEVOCATION-"Combatzone" PRO CDr (one of the best death metal demos around the underground as of late, Sweden-self released 2006) $3

DEMENTED-"Promo 2004" CDr (Blasting brutal death with some US and CZE influences and groovy slow-downs.2004 Spain) $3

DEMONTAGE-"Madness Disease" CDr ( This Canadian blackened metal bands 2004 demo, * Recommended*) $3

DEMONAR / ABATHAR "Philosophic Nothingness" SPLIT CDR ( Mid to fast paced Black Metal, US/Iran 2002 ) $3

DESOLATE HORIZON-"All Things Covered In Dust" CDr (Dark Ambient,Mental Abuse Productions 2006) $3

DEVILISH ERA / OND AAND SPLIT CDr (raw and hateful black metal split from France with Burzum and Primordial covers! Recommended!) $3

DEVOURED / F.A.T.O. / LAPIDATE / VOMIGOD 4-WAY SPLIT PRO CDR ( killer death metal/gore grind 4 way split, Scab Bombardment Productions 2005, hand numbered copy #269, * Very rare*) $6

DIMENTIANON-Demo CDR ( 4 tracks of vicious death metal with backing vox by Wil Rahmer from Mortician, tottaly recommened, USA) $3

DIMMU BORGIR-"Spiritual Darkness" Bootleg CDR ( 7 Live tracks in Europe
+ 5 bonus tracks, including a great cover of ACCEPT!) $3

DISCHARGE-"Nightmare In Lepakko" CDr ( 16 tracks, live at Lepakko,Finland,25/4/83- great sound) $3

DISCHARGE-"Demo 1977+Live 1979" CDr ( Their 1977 demo ( 9 tracks) and live at Town Hall,Longtown 2/2/1979 - great sound!!) $3

DOGSHIT-"Going To The Dogs" CDr (9 tracks of parvo noize,Love Earth Music 2004) $3

DONYS MOKUALG/ SUBSTITUTION PRODUCT/ KATAPLASM SPLIT CDr (Cyber death noisecore/ Harsh noise/ Cut up noisecore) $3

DOSA / CHAOTIC SOUND SPLIT CDR ( Killer grind/punk split, Grindered Days Recs) $3


EL GRINDING MAFIOZOS COMPILATION CDR ( A killer underground old school death metal comp featuring Rotting, Birdflesh, Inhumate,Encabulos and many many more,. 22 bands in total, Nihilistic Holocaust Records-their first release!!!) $3

 EMORTUALIS-"Re-Writted By Death After 16 Years Of Tomb" CDr (Long running satanic death/thrash hailing from Italy since 1989,includes old demos,eps and live tracks with covers by Ritche Valens,Cancer and More! Really obscure and tottaly recommended!) $3

EMBRIONAL-"Annihilation" CDr (6 tracks of ass kicking underground death metal hailing from Poland,self released 2007) $3

EMMOS-"Tyrant After Tyrant" CDr (black/pagan/punk think Venom meet Stooges,Bathory & Mayhem. Come with a lyrics sheet,France) $3

EMPEROR-"A midsummer nights dream" CDR ( recorded live during the 1993 tour, 9 tracks total, great sound, classic black metal) $5

EMPEROR-"Conquering Europe, Live Baroeg, Rotterdam 12/10/1997 Bootleg CDR ( as the title says, great sound!) $5

ENECARE-"Dawn Of Creations Ruin" PRO CDr (Extremely harsh Irish black metal with a very heavy destructive yet very original sound and style unmatched anywhere,professional packaging.2002 Satanic Millennium records) $3

ENBILULUGUGAL-"Goatfucked Demology...The years of Hell Noize" 2 CDR (A 2 cdr collection of all this black metal/noizecore units demos,2 cdrs almost 160 minutes of music! Proudly presented to you by Eternal Darkness Creations 2007) $5

EQUILLIBRIUM-"Black Essence" CDr (Brazil-dark/black metal,Suicide Apology Records) $3

ETHERON-"S/T" PRO CDR ( Doom/Death Metal from France, 2012 A.L.D. Distro) $5

EXACTLY VIOLENT STYLE-"s/t" CDr (raging hardcore grind from Japan) $3

EXODUS-"Poserslaughter Incorporated" 2CDR Set ( Contains "Turk Street" Demos 1984, 1982 demo, Live at Lamours Dec 20 1985) $5

FAECES-"Severe Hypoxia" CDr (Brutal death/grind full length,Poland 2005) $3

FOETUR RESET-"S/T" CDr (killer grind/death demo) $3

FUCKED IN SHIT / DUMPSTERDIVER / TGBFKAP / GREEKTOW GORE 4-WAY SPLIT PRO CDR ( Sick & truley twisted gore grind, The Nutz Records) $5

FULL BODY HEMORRHAGE-`Formaldehide Cocktail`CDR ( Perverted death grind with a drum machine, self released ) $3

FUNEREAL MOON-"Rape Of Holiness" CDR ( Raw Mexican Black Metal, 2012 Horny Nun Records) $3

FUNEREAL MOON-"Obsession Of Death" CDR ( 5 rehearsal tracks from this raw Mexican black metal band, 2012 SFM Records, Canada) $3

FUNESTES AUGURES-NOTRE TYRANNIE RETENTIRA OUTRE-TOMBE- 2 DISC CDR COMPILATION ( A killer black.death metal compilation with Stigma Diabolicum,Pagan Eternal,Unholy War,Unterwald,Ond Aand,Wurm,Wolok,Nattvarg,Abteillung,Nordum,Haine Noire,Sons Of Fenris,ZBT,Nihilistic Khaos,Krazumpath,Puanteur De Charnter,Zaghurim,Velka Mandu,Epheles,Wurzburg,Searing Skull,Glorior Belli,Reverence,Belzebul,Dark Held,The End 666,Amazarak,Fialar,Arson God,Eihwaz,Raatgaldr,Ewe, Resistanca Underground Records) $5

FUNGUS-"Through Flesh Slides The Blade" PRO CDR ( Heavy death metal a la Mortician with a little more grindcore influence from this Porteguese act ) $4 

GLAUKOM SYNOD-"The Unspeakable Horror" CDr ( Its the new long playing demo by Glaukom Synod since "Orge" in 2007. It contains 13 tracks for over 40 minutes of dark industrial and extreme metal. Visceral Circuitry Recs. 2010, France) $3

GLAUKOM SYNOD-"Orge" PRO Cdr (Strange indus metal influenced by old Front Line Assembly,Skinny Puppy and extreme metal! France 2007) $3

GLAUKOM SYNOD / STIGMA DIABOLICUM SPLIT CDr (top notch insane industrial/noize core split! Highly Recommended! Limited to 100 copies! 2007) $3

GLAUKOM SYNOD-"Obsessism XXIIII" CDr (killer industrial project by Gab of Nihilistic Holocaust Records, Highly recommended!) $3

GLAUKOM SYNOD-"Uczulony" CDr (more industrial madness from Gab, highly recommended to all those with a open mind) $3

GLAUKOM SYNOD-"Hydrocephalizer" CDr (Intense industrial from France, defintally worth your while!) $3

GLAUKOM SYNOD-"Androjungleous" CDr (truley unique underground industrial / headfuck core straight from hell,Skullfuckingmetal Records,Canada 2006) $3

GLAUKOM SYNOD / THE PROCESSUS Split Cdr (Killer Industrial brutal death/ Black industrial noise,highly recommended) $3

GLORY IN DECAY-"Midget's gone mad" CDr (Sick as hell American death metal with professional packaging!!) $3

GOAT PISS-"Pure Satanik Noize Syndrome" CDr ( What the title says, pure satanik noise! SVR 2010) $3

GORT-"These Are The True Fucking Gort" CDr (8 rehersal tracks of Convincing Raw Italian Black Metal,with covers of Dark Throne & Impaled Nazarene,2006) $3

GRAVEN-"Old Misanthropic spirit" PRO CDR ( Hateful German black metal, 2000 self released) $5

GRIM,REPULSIVE,AND VIOLENTLY ENLIGHTENING SONGS-"True Metal And Child Porn" PRO CDr (Disgusting as hell noize/grind,total mayhem! 2008) $3

GRUMO / BLACK SAVATE / ISOLA ONE 3-WAY PRO CDr SPLIT (Killer grindcore split! INSANE!) $3

GRUUTHAAGY-"metraton order of the outer" CDR (Experimental/noize total cult! rare) $3

G.S.D.-"Promo" CDr (Brutal death metal from Japan) $3

GUNS "N" ROSES-"Bad Obsession" DOUBLE CDR ( Great sound, 1991 18 tracks) $5

HAARK-"Brutal ways of the biomechanic mutant" CDr (This is extreme music flirting with experimental, ambiant, electronics and brutal death! Better called "Postgrindcore glitchmetal epistemology",Visceral circuitry records 2010 Pro Cover) $3

HAGBORN-"Ultimate Secrtion" CDr ( raw punk/black metal from Australia, SVR 2010 limited to 50 hand numbered copies) $3

HATERAPED-"Resisting Annihilation" CDr (Grind noise minimaliste from the states) $3

HATRED-"Entity" PRO DEMO CDr (brutal death hailing from Italy,2006) $3

HAWKWIND-"Space rock from London" BOOTLEG CDR ( Killer sounding live set from the Dream Machine, London on Oct 14th 1972, 53 minutes of space rock supremacy! And yes, this has Lemmy on bass!) $3

HEAVING EARTH-"Vision Of The Vultures" CDr (3 songs of ferocious and dark Death metal hailing from Czech Republic! Influenced by IMMOLATION, HATE ETERNAL and MORBID ANGEL. Previous members of Intervalle Bizarre, Ahumado Granujo and Uprise.Nihilistic Holocaust 2008) $3

HEIRDRAIN-"Superficial Race" CDr (11 tracks of eccentric noisy Canadian blackend noize, Skullfuckingmetal Records 2010) $3

HEIRDRAIN / NORSS Split CDr ( Canadian blackened noise vs dark ambient, limited to 22 hand numbered copies 2008) $3

HELLHAMMER-"Satanic Rites" BOOTLEG CDr ( Recorded live in Switzerland Dec. 1983) $3

HELLSPAWN / HATEFUL / IMPUREZA 3-WAY SPLIT CDr (Fast and crushing Death metal � la old Morbid Angel, Immolation and Nile, amazing pro printed covers! Highly recommended release by Nihilistic Holocaust)$3

HERESIAARKH-"Rehearsal Demo 2008" CDr (Fast & Furious Black Metal hailing from Toronto,Canada,*Highly Recommended!*,Limited to 60 hand numbered copies,self released) $3

HERPES-"Doomsday" CDr (5 tracks of morbid death metal in the Autospy way hailing from France, its heavy,punching and obscure. Nihilistic Holocaust records 2010) $3

HERPES-"Awakening Of A Sleeping Madness" DEMO CDR ( Their second demo, dirty & alcoholic old school death metal from France influenced by Autopsy, Nihilist & Repulsion. 23 minutes of old school death metal madness!) $3

INFERNAL HATE-"s/t" CDr (brutal death metal demo from Spain,2004) $3

INFESTED BLOOD-"The Masters Of Grotesque" CDr (Brazil-Brutal death metal full length,deadly! 2003 Suicide Apology Records) $3

INFESTED BLOOD-"Tribute To Apocalypse" CDr (Brazil-Brutal death metal,2007 Suicide Apology Records) $3

INFESTOR-"Scorched Earth" CDr (4 track demo of Ear-molesting Death/Thrash chaos from the Philippines,SKULLFUCKINGMETAL 2010) $3

INGRAVED-"Complete Domination" CDr (Brutal death metal demo) $3

IN SOME DISMALS / SMARTGRANS SPLIT CDR ( Hardcore in the NYHC vein, pretty heavy! Black Cardnial , year unknown) $3

IRON BITCHFACE-"Fuck Your Mothers Arm" CDr (19 noisy tracks by this excellent Canadian black metal/noize band, 2003 Slut Factory Records) $3

JEFF-"The Grey Flower" CDr (12 tracks of industrial/electronic music in the vein of NINE INCH NAILS era 'The Fragile',limited to 66 copies,Altsphere prod 2008) $3

KAHORA-"s/t" DEMO cdr (killer grind/hardcore from France) $3

KAIJU-"Dirty Monster Songs" DEMO CDR ( Doom Metal, Canada, with covers by Pink Floyd & Black Sabbath, 2009) $3

KILL BY NUMBERS-"We Held Hands and Counted The Dead" PRO CDr (killer death metal full length from the U.K.,Deus Mortuus Productions 2005. Professional release,looks just like a real cd) $3

KOAECO AXAMBI-"Wheel Of Dharma" CDr (Decent crusty grind,? 2001) $3

LIFE IS EASY "s/T' CDR ( Experimental noise, location & year unknown) $3

LUNGLANCE-"Vigie Dalusa" CDr (Raw necro grind from France,2007 Paradise Noise Records) $3

 MALARIA / WARLOCK MOON SPLIT LIVE CDR (  Recorded live off the floor at the 460, Toronto, Ont on 04/23/2011. excellent sound & hand done coverart/inlay with no help from a computer like the old days! 71 minutes 11 seconds total, Malaria is grind/war like Carcass/Repulsion/Blood & Warlock Moon is raw old school black metal, 2012 SFM RECORDS) $3

MALEFICARUM-"Espiritos Da Floresta" CDr (Brazil-Vicious black metal,Suicide Apology Records) $3

MALIGNANT TUMOUR / PULMONARY FIBROSIS SPLIT CDr (A total grinding party! Both bands play old styled grindcore!,Cataleptic Remains Productions 2003) $3

MANDINGAZO-"Death Metal Punishment" CDr (late 80's influenced death metal like Massacre hailing from Chile *Recommended*) $3

MASS INFECTION-"Promo 2005" CDr ( 2 tracks of insane death metal from Greece, self released 2005) $3

MEAT SHITS-"Noise Porn Attack" CDR ( Cult Noise Grind, contains their split with PSYCHO, split with ANAL MASSAKER, split with BUTTANGER, as well as their genital Infection EP & Their Pornholic EP, Tomas Canceras Records, Bolvia , 236 tracks in total!!!) $3

MEGAZETOR-"The Drug You Daily Crave" PRO CDr (Trippy Progressive/Technical Death Metal from Hungary,2004 EP.Professional looking release,looks just like a real cd.) $3

MERANKORII-"Melencolia 3" CDr (Relaxing Ambient,limited to 100 hand numbered copies,Nekrogoat Heresy Productions) $3

METALLICA-"Garage Complete" ( The Early Unofficial Anthology) BOOTLEG CDR ( Good quality reproduction of the No Life Till Leather and Ride The Lightning demos and also their first ever demo PRE Mustaine!!! ) $3

METALLICA-"Jason's 2nd gig" BOOTLEG CDR ( what the title says, 10 tracks, great sound!) $3

METALLICA-"Night Of The Rivvit-Heads" CDr (Cool bootleg with live tracks from the Old Waldorf,San Francisco 10/18/82,demo tracks and a couple rehearsal tracks from July 1983..Almost 70 minutes of ripping old school thrash) $3

METALLICA-"First UK Gig" CDr (really good audience recording bootleg of this legendary band's first gig in England from March 27th 1984 at the Marquee Club in London,Over 60 minutes) $3

METALLICA-"Iron Fist & The Hordes From Hell" PRO CDr (Live at Ruthies Inn, San Francisco 8/24/85) $3

METALLICA-"Live USA" BOOTLEG CDR ( Live in USA 1991-92 great sound 10 tracks German Import) $3

MIGRA-"Arathinol" PRO CDr (amazing ambient/noise,2005 Greece) $3

MILKBAG BROTHER-"Poopy Fingers Europe Tour 2007" PRO CDr ( Excellent experimental noize, SlutFactory Records 2007 *Nice Pro Layout*) $4

MISGIVINGS-"Prophetic Redemption" PRO CDr (Satanic death metal from France 2001 demo) $3

MIASMA-"Death Songs From Deepest Cellars" CDr ( A killer bootleg CDR featuring their 1990 Demo "Godly Amusement", promo tracks from 1991 & live tracks from Leipzig,Germany,1992 of this Austrian satanic death metal horde! A total must have!!!) $3

MIXOMATOSIS / TESTICLE BOMB SPLIT CDR ( Old school grindcore recorded live on 6/30/2000 vs Grindy punk from USA with a sense of humour, RIR 2001) $3

MODER-"Fields Of Devastation' CDr ( Top notch German Black/Death metal, promo version,2005) $3

MORBIUS-"Trismegistus" CDr ( Deadly American Death metal featuring members from G.B.K.&Arghoslent, Self Released 2006) $3

MORIARTY-"Equation Of Madness" CDr (France-Dark Ambient,Altsphere Productions) $3

MORGIRION-S/T Demo CDR ( Killer death metal) $3


MORTAL WISH-"My Spirit,As Everything Began) CDr (Brazil-Killer one man black metal attack, Suicide Apology Records) $3

MORTEN ANIMALIUM-"Le Culte Des Animaux Morts" CDr (Switzerland-Death/Black Metal,self released 2006) $3

MUSPELHEIM-"S/T" PRO CDr (Dark black metal full length- highly recommended! This band will for sure be well known in a matter of no time! Australia,self released 2007) $3

MUTILATION-"s/t" PRO CDr (fucked up death metal with no lyrics/song titles,Switzerland 2004 demo,pro release,looks just like a real cd) $3

N.-"City Of Broken Wheelchairs" CDr (Ambient Noise from Italy) $3

NAPALM NOISE-"Sound Apocalypse" CDr (noisecore goregrind madness) $3

NAPALM NOISE / ANAL SAFYRA SPLIT CDr (NN plays 23 songs for war and fuck ska,AS plays 24 songs for hate, insane french noize core split) $3

NAPALM NOISE / SOVAKO SPLIT CDr (sex,drugs and noise core split! Recommended!) $3

NAPALMED-"Moozadoom" CDr (Long running harsh noize) $3

NARAM SIN-"Songs Of Ur" PRO CDR ( Blackened Doom Metal from France, limited to 100 copies, 2012 A.L.D. Distro) $5

NECRODIOS-"Invoke The Wrath" DEMO CDr (5 tracks of Top notch Canadian death metal in the old school vein,support local death metal,self released 2008) $5 LAST COPIES!!!!

NEMUS MORBIDUM-"Macabra Sinfonia Noturna" CDr (Brazil-Devestating black metal,Suicide Apology Records) $3

NESSERIA-" some tensions between silences" DEMO CDR ( Twisted harsh sounds, contains their unreleased 1998 demo and unreleased tracks from 07-08, France 2011) $3


NIHIL DOMINATION-"Jehovah's Desercration" CDr (South American True death blasphemy metal band of infernal cult!,limited to 666 handnumbered copies,self released) $3

Nex Perpetui Regis - "Untergang" PRO CDr (top notch old styled Sweedish black metal,self released 2006) $3

NO HAND PATH-"First Farewell" PRO CDr (Greek Atmospheric Black Metal with Varathron members,2006) $3

NOMAD CONQUEROR-"Nothingness" PRO CDR ( Canadian Black Metal with ANU/GOATWAR member, Sardonic Wrath Records) $5

NOTR-"Bowing Down To Destruction" PRO CDr (killer death metal demo,Turkey 2005. Looks just like a real cd) $3

OBROBKA SKRAWANIEM-"Horror Noize" DEMO CDr (Strange noize/grind paying homage to classic horror films,self released 2008) $3

OBSESSED WITH DEATH-"Eternal Forest" CDr ( Raw fucking black metal, SVR 2010, limited to 23 hand numbered copies) $3

OCCULT CRYPTS-"Spawn of the macabre" CDR ( Raw black metal from North Bay, Canada 2011 Self Released) $3

OPPRESSION-"State Of War" Demo CDr (4 trax of killer old styled thrash like Vio-lence / Anthrax! Sweden 2006. Highly recommended!) $3

ORTHANK - "Tuzzizihio" PRO CDR ( Russian Pagan Black Metal, Comes in a DVDR case limited to 100 hand numbered copies,2012 Nitroatmosfericum Records) $5

PAEDO NANNY / ALCOHOLIC NEUROPATHY SPLIT CDR "Grinding Blast From Your Ass" (Noizy grinding powerfull shit! Human Discount Records, limited to 50 hand numbered copies 2009) $3

PAGAN FIRE-"Dreaded Peril" PROMO CDr (Now this is fuckin sick sick sick thrash metal from the deepest pits of hell,Skullfuckingmetal Records,2006) $3

PAGANFIRE-"Dudurog! Lilipol!" DEMO CDr (brand spanking new demo from these insane Philipino thrashers-Underground Thrash/Black Metal the way its supossed to sound-highly recommended!) $3

PANZERFAUST / TOTALUS NECRUM SPLIT CDr( Canadian bm vs brutal usbm,Total Death Records,2006) $3

PATHOGEN-"Into The Subconscious Void" DEMO CDr (4-song demo crushing your skulls and the skulls of posers! Death Metal the way it is supossed to be played! Influenced by AUTOPSY/SARCOFAGO! Philippines,SFM Records 2008) $3

PATHOGEN-"Blasphemous Communion" CDr (Be prepared for a mixture of classic death metal, yet not typical, with great imagination, killer riffs and leads, fantastic vocals and most of all the FUCKIN TRUE FEELING most of the current death metal releases lack,Sewer Records 2008) $3

PARASHI / BELLTONE SUICIDE SPLIT CDR (Super cool packaging, truly unique noise!) $3

PENTAGRAM-"Five Bad Points Of My Own" PRO CDr (A collection of live tracks recorded from 1983-1993,mostly taken from a awesome show from 1983. One of the greatest rock/metal bands of all time! 43 minutes of doomed perfection!,Obscurations In The WitchHouse,2008) $3

POSTHUMAN TANTRA-"Legion From Kelemath" CDr (sci-fi dark industrial soundtrack,Brasil) $3

POSTHUMAN WORM-"Sex Bot Mantra" PRO CDr (future-tribal-computer-cyber-porn-gore-grindnoise-ambient-one man band hailing from Brasil) $3

PUBIANUS-"Violencia Sonora" CDr ( Tottaly insane fast crust.grind, ,Infame Distro 2004) $3

RABIES-"Radiation Devestation" CDr (A Drunken Thrash Metal Holocaust 4 track demo hailing from the Philippines,SKULLFUCKINGMETAL 2010) $3

RAMROD AND THE NASTY NYMPHOS-Demo CDR ( 4 tracks of scumfuck punkrock like the Mentors,USA) $3

REACT-"Nuclear Industrial Mechanical Power" CDr (raw metallic power industrial,France) $3

RED DRUGON-"4illout.4.4earLeaderZ" CDr (fucked up Russian Noize,Heaven Retriution 2007) $3

REGRESSION OF NOISE FREAKS-4 WAY SPLIT CDr (Insane 4-way noize split with Potabilizadora,Melanocetus Murrayi,Funeral Mongoloids,Colico,RONF Records) $3

RESENTMENT-"Demo 2006" CDr (5 trax of underground death metal recorded in a garage in Croatia) $3

REVENGE-"Nail The All" PROMO CDr (4 tracks of hard hitting thrash metal hailing from Greece,Self Released 2007) $3 LAST COPIES!!!!

RIPPED 2 SHREDS-"Demo '05" CDr (drunk German gore grind 2005 demo) $3

ROCKA ROLLAS PROMO 2011 CDR ( 4 tracks of excellent traditional heavy metal, self released ) $3 

ROT / PULMONARY FIBRIOSIS / F.A.T.O. 3 WAY SPLIT CDR ( Grind f'n core!! 2004 Scabombardment productions) $6  LAST COPY!!!!

ROUGE ASTRONAUT-"Promo #1" CDr ( Excellent noise, Canada 2010) $2

ROUGE ASTRONAUT-"Promo #2" CDr ( More tripping noisy sounds, Canada 2010) $2

STATE IS DEAD- 3 THRASHCORE SOLUTIONS- RSG / SOCIAL DISTRUST / AGGRESSOR 3-WAY SPLIT CDr (A great crazy crust/hardcore/grind split, Mencret Records, Indonesia) $3

S.A. SLAYER-"Burning Up The Witch House" PRO CDr (featuring a live show from this great thrash metal band from San Antonio on 11/30/84. Highly recommended!) $3

SAKATAT-"Saldirmak �zereyiz" PRO CDr (Raw as fuck old school grindcore demo from Turyke,2006-limited to 120 hand numbered copies) $3

SARCOFAGO "Demo Collection" CDr (Rare bootleg featuring their 3 demos "Satanic Lust", "Christs Death" and "The Black Vomit") $3

SATAN'S GOD-" Live bootleg" CDR ( Experimental music performed by an Alien, recorded at The Row Collective-Holyoke,MA, ABC No Rio-Manhattan,NY, Cesspool Castle, Joplin , MO. 2012 SFM RECORDS 2012) $3 

S.C.A.R.-"Biomechanical Terror" PRO CDR ( Killer Death/Thrash Metal from France, limited to 100 hand numbered copies, 2011 A.L.D. Distro) $5

SEMPITERNUS-"Existence" CDr (Progressive death metal demo from Greece) $3

SEX MESSIAH-"s/t" CDr ( Killer Suicidal black/thrash crossover from Japan, 2010 Satanic Victory Records) $3

SEXTHRASH / MUTILATOR / VOLCANO 3 WAY SPLIT CDR ( a killer bootleg containing Sextrash-"live Belo Horizonte 3-11-1990, Mutilator-"live Belo Horizonte 1986,Vulcano-"live Belo Horizonte 1988, for all fans of old school death/black/thrash metal!) $3

SHAMAN-"Summoning The Will Of The Wisp" PRO CDr (noisecore/drone from the west coast of Canada kreated by Willy from The WhoreHouse Massacre-recommended) $3

SHITOBA-"Sweet Dreams About Future" CDr (Disgusting noize from Slovakia,2004 Thee HalloGallo Noize,*Dvd box packaging*) $3

SHITOBA-"Two Postcards From Cleaning Squad" CDr (Sick noizecore from Slovakia,Tornado Productions 2004)$3

SHITNOISE BASTARDS-"s/t" CDR ( Raw grindnoise, Fast Die Records) $3

SICKENING / ZORA SPLIT CDr (Outstanding Brutal death metal split,Italy 2005) $3

SIGN OF HATE-"Rebel Souls Of Chaos" CDr (Occult death metal demo hailing from Brasil,with a Sarcofago cover,2004) $3

SLAUGHTERHOUSE SABBATH / FAECES SPLIT CDr (Technical Brutal Death Metal from Poland vs brutal death/grind from Poland. MetalRuleZ Prod.2005.Dvd case cdr release) $3

SLAUGHTERCULT-"To Gash The Skin" CDr (killer Swedish black/death metal) $3

SLOWLY SUFFERING-"Condamned To Suffering" CDr ( Quality death metal demo from Italy,Maltkross Productions 2007) $3

Smohalla -" Smolensk Combustion" CDr (Unique french black metal demo,2006 limited to 100 copies) $3

S.M.F.-"10-7-16" CDR (stupid weird experimental metal,usa) $3

SNOWFALL-"Forest Of Eld" PROMO PRO CDr (This promo features 2 songs from the upcoming full length album Delirium Tremens by SNOWFALL, their first in 4 years. These songs were recorded during 2005/2006 and are amongst some of the most vicious work they have ever produced.SFM,2008)$3

SNOWFALL / BENIGHTED IN SODOM SPLIT PRO CDr (The split between SNOWFALL and BENIGHTED IN SODOM contains 2 more songs that will be on the Delirium Tremens full length . This split contains some of the most raw work by both of our bands, and we are proud to showcase M.Thorn's project next to ours.Cold Black Metal Split, SFM 2008) $3

SODOM-"The Sin Of Sodom Is The Sign Of Evil" 2 CDr set (A 2 cd collection of Sodom at their raw finest, the Witching Metal and victims of Death Demos Alongside 2 live shows from 1988 and more! Over 2 hrs of Sodomania!!!) $5

SODOMIZER-"The Dead Shall Rise To Kill" Promo CDr (Brazil-Quality long running Satanic black/speed metal,Horror Records 2005) $3

SOMAN-"N-Stoff" CDr (pure black metal art and philosophy, Italy) $3

SOUL DEVOURER-"Worms Of Purity" PRO CDr (Poland-Killer death metal,2006 Holokaostor Productions) $3

SPASMODIC-"Soon To Be Lacerated" CDr (Perverted Brutal death metal demo from Sweden,2005) $3

STENCH OF VIRGINITY-"Filled With My Sickness" DEMO CDr (outrageous brutal death metal hailing from Greece,with Manos from Sewer Zine on bass!,Sewer Records) $3

STONEDIRT-"JoyGrind" CDr (Thrash death � la Testament/ Machine head,Hungary 2005) $3

STRADION-"Holy Midnight Gloom" CDr ( Excellent American heavy metal, features their "holy idnight Gloom" unfinished album from 2001 as well as 3 basement rehearsal tracks from 2002) $3

STRADION-"Gay boys from St.Louie" CDR ( eccentric Amerian heavy metal,self released 2008) $3

STRANGULATED-"S/T" DEMO CDr (Killer death/thrash metal in the Vein of Autopsy/Toxic Holocaust) $3

STREET FORCE-"Infinite Battles" CDr (U.S.A.-Killer old styled thrash metal,self released 2007) $3

SURMAEELSED KARJED VOL. 2 COMPILATION CDr (a great Estonian dark music compilation featuring 15 different bands/artists all performing trippy shit!-limited to 195 hand numbered copies. Hexenreich Records 2005) $3

SUROFHEST-"Blessed Hatred" CDr (brutal death/grind from Turkey) $3

SWORN-"Global Demise" CDr (blasting death metal demo from Sweden,2005) $3

TANMO-"Oppressive lustyrantikkal fukkrituals" Demo CDR ( taking the word extreme and bending it till it almost breaks, this is sick fucking shit. layer upon layer of insanity. this is reminiscent of the earlier material of Goatvulva mixed Naked Whipper) $3

TEA PARTY VIOLENCE-"3!3!3!" CDR (1 1/2 minute release! noize) $3

TOTALUS NECRUM-"Perditio Trolae" DEMO CDR ( Raw black metal from USA,SFM Records 2011) $3

TDFNTTFOTCFISOHOTDN / BONG EJACULATION SPLIT CDR ( A superb harsh noize terror split! Nuclear Alcoholocaust Records) $3

THE ACCURSED-"The Accursed" DEMO CDR ( Good tech death metal, 2002 USA) $3 

THE KRUSHERS-"promo 2006" CDr (Italian deadly thrash metal!) $3

THE DEAD MUSICIAN-"Resist" CDr (France - Anarcho Black Metal, great stuff! Smell The Stench Records 2007) $3

THE EVERSCATHED "HALTED AND GLORY" CDR (2 tracks of ripping USA death/thrash,2003) $3

THE FEEDERZ-"May 1979 Demo Bootleg CDR ( Just for the historical value this is a must have not to mention how fuckin wicked these songs are, not to mention godly quality! Imagine a Raw unpolished version of the Dead Kennedys with lyrics that would get you stopped at airport security just for listening to it! ) $3

THE FRANKENHOOKERS-"Pousers" CDR ( 15 tracks of hatefull Ramones styled punk, USA 2010) $3 

THE PISS SHIVERS-"Hepped up on goofballs" CDR ( 8 tracks of snotty punkrock,1997) $3

THE UNDER PEOPLE-"S/T" CDr (Experimental,great! Recommended! FrozenGoat Records lim to 50 copies) $3

THE WHOREHOUSE MASSACRE-"Live Demo" PRO CDr ( A excellent sounding live demo by this funeral doom/sludge project hailing from Canada, *Tottaly Recommended! 2010 Self-Released) $3

TIRAN-"Demo 2010" CDR (Destructive thrash metal hailing from Russia, Self-released 2010) $3

THY RITES-"Summoning the Abominations Curse" CDr (Brazil-Thy Rites executes Satanic Blackened Death metal,2 track promo,SFM Records 2008) $3

THE EARWIGS-"Noise Beast" CDr (long running noise core from this old timer) $3

TOTALUS NECRUM-"Vortex Vorax" CDr (Intense drum machine fuled black metal in the Burzum vein, USA self released 2007) $3

Tenebrarvm - "Under The Shade Of The Moon" PRO CDr (Apocalyptical black metal from Portugal,2004 Hell Unleashed Records) $3

TREBLINKA / TIAMAT split CDR ( Killer bootleg of 2 darkest acts from Sweeden, Contains rare live and rehearsal tracks) $3

UMMON-"Retreat" DEMO CDR ( Complex and experimental metal influenced by techno death, Gorguts, Voïvod, Godflesh and jazz.3 tracks to challenge your mental prosthesis! 2011 Visceral Circuitry Records) $3

UMRATTAWILL-"Mental Disorder" PRO CDR (Top notch death metal from Brazil!) $3

UNHOLY DOMINION-"s/t" CDR ( Hatefull Black Metal, Canada) $5

:UNIT AUF:-"Hokmah Nistarah" CDr (10 tracks of bestiality and total destruction is what you will find in this disc,Sewer Records 2007) $3

:UNIT AUF:-"Impro EP" CDr (Extreme ultra harsh noize,Sewer Records) $3

UNLEASHED-"the utter dark revenge" CDR ( A cool collection of the demos, the first 7" EP and some live stuff by the militant merchants from Sweeden! If you've spent more then 5 minutes in the underground then you probally know the excellence involved here!) $3

UNSOLEMN-"What Never Was" CDr (Old styled American death metal demo from 2005, For those with guts!) $3

UNDERNEATH-"s/t" PRO CDr (technical death metal demo, Portugal,2002. Professional looking release,looks just like a real cd) $3

URDUK-"Pimedate Metsade Sügavustes" PRO CDr (Deadly black metal hailing from Estonia,Mahtra Records 2006) $3

VENERAL MESSIAH-"Engraved In Gore" PRO CDr (Brruuuutttaall US death metal full length,Sewer Records,2006)$3

VERMIN / URINE TEMPLE / SABBAGOR / HEXE 4 WAY SPLIT CDR ( A killer 4 way split of death/black metal from South Africa!!!! ) $5  

VIRGIN'S RAPE-"Obscene Shit" CDR ( Raw Black Metal from Mexico, includes their 2008 demo 2 "Holy Whore Of Heaven" & their 2008 demo 3 "Bestial rape of the virgin, 2012 SFM Records, Canada) $3

VOLITION-"Promo cd 2005" CDr (killer old styled death/grind from Singapore) $3

VULV-"Attouchement" PRO CDR ( Vaginal Black Art from France, limited to 100 hand numbered copies, 2012 A.L.D. Distro) $5

WARLOCK MOON / PAGANFIRE SPLIT CDr (Raw Canadian Black metal vs insane asian thrash metal, Total Death Records 2007) $3

WARLOCK MOON-"Hell-O Montreal" CDr ( A excellent 3 track promo by this Raw Canadian old school black metal band, Self Released 2010) $3

WARLOCK MOON-"Moon of the wolf" PROMO CDR ( Raw old school canadian black metal) $3

WARLOCK MOON-"The morbid moon recordings" DEMO CDR ( Raw Canadian black metal, their first demo) $3

WITCHER-"Boszorkanytanc" CDR ( Black metal from Hungary, limited to 250 hand numbered copies 2011 ) $3

WITCHCURSE-"Heavy Metal Poison" CDr (Greece-Traditional heavy metal,not for posers,limited to 120 hand numbered copies,self released 2007) $5 LAST COPIES!!!

WITCHMARK / LYCH SPLIT PRO CDR ( Destructive hypnotic black metal with chaotic riffing, highest possible recommendation!!! Self Released 2010) $5 

WOODLAND'S EDGE-"Flood current-the five rivers of hell CDR ( sludgy death thrash with some really great song writing and unique style, self released USA 2002) $3

WOODLAND'S EDGE-"Deep end of the abyss" CDR ( Killer death/thrash, 2003 Subterranean Surreal recs USA)  $3

WOODLAND'S EDGE-"Scaffolds to stellar pyramids" CDR ( more greatness from this progressive death/thrash metal project. Almost 60 min of music with a cool colour cover USA ) $3

WORMWOODS DECAY-"The Butchery" CDR ( Harsh harsh noise, Canada) $3

XANAX FEAST-"s3kshvn8" CDr (noize/experimental,USA,Corrupt Productions) $3

ZARACH BALL THARAGH / NAGELSTURM SPLIT CDR ( Black Metal, limited to 60 copies) $3

ZARACH BAAL THARAGH-"Black Sheep Forever" CDr ( Demo #60 by this black metal maniac from France, Sound Of Charge 2008) $3

ZARACH BAAL THARAGH-"Black World" CDR ( Raw black metal from France, SFM RECORDS 2010) $3

ZARACH BALL THARAGH / Y'HA NLHLEI SPLIT PRO CDR ( Black Metal, limited to 222 copies. Nitroatmosfericum Records, Russia 2012) $5

WWF WWE VHS ( Old School)