Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SFM Releases

 CDRS : ONLY $3 EACH!!!! TAPES : $5 EACH!  


SFM-001 - HELLACAUST / TOXIC HOLOCAUST Split CDR (heavy necro black metal meets drum-machined blackened thrash on this slab of mighty steel! Hellacaust hails from Canada, where many of the black metal greats do, and Toxic Holocaust from Delaware, USA. THIS IS LOOOOONG OUT OF PRINT!! MIGHTY HAILS TO HELLACAUST AND TOXIC HOLOCAUST FOR MAKING THIS KULT RELEASE POSSIBLE!!) *****OUT OF PRINT*****


SFM-003 - GRUUTHAAGY / BONEMACHINE Split CDR (Satanarchistelectrodoom vs. industrial heathen hell. What more can you ask for unless you don't like having your head completly fucked with? Both artists hail from parts unknown and have been tearing up the underground for quite some time now....maybe even longer then satan himself?)

SFM-004 - GLAUKOM SYNOD-ANDROJUNGLEOUS DEMO '06 CDR (GLAUKOM SYNOD is a truley unique underground industrial / headfuck core straight from hell. 11 tracks manipulated, reincremated and fractured by Gabriel S of Nihilistic Holocaust fame. I have to say that all fans of extreme music would at least find this release interesting, everyone I have played it for so far deeply enjoyed it or asked me to turn it off because they are trying to drink their beer and can't handle it. So it's your call)

SFM-005 - PAGANFIRE-DREADED PERIL DEMO CDR '06 (Now this is fuckin sick sick sick thrash metal from the deepest pits of hell. This Philipino hails from nowhere else but guess where, PHILIPPINES. In this hell you can be arrested just for wearing a studded belt or worshipping satan, so you better believe this demo is 2 tracks of nun-punching, alcohol influenced, poseur not-welcome thrash metal. Not this retro thrash bs thats out these days, this is actual old styled thrash done by old time thrashers.
You might remember my previous PAGANFIRE demo but there is no comparion from then to now. PAGANFIRE really got their shit together and are spreading their onslaught across the world, and hopefully touring soon, but ALWAYS REMAINING UNDERGROUND AS FUCK !Produced by PAGANFIRE and Roy Sierra, insane art work that is not your average Skullfuckingmetal looking release. So if you like your metwaaal real....then ask for your copy, but remember KAMATAYAN SA MGA HUWAD NA METAL!! PUTANGINANYO!!)

SFM-006 - ANENCEPHALY-"Deformed At Birth" REHERSAL TAPE (raw doom/black metal rehersal from this unknown Canadian band that hailed from a small town dating back to 1997 finally released a decade later-limited to 50 copies)

SFM-007 ELISABETHA-"Morella" CDR (neo classical music influenced by Edgar Allan Poe-limited edition of 66 copies with a unreleased version of 'Morella') *****OUT OF PRINT*****

SFM-008 KING-'Psychological Terror' TAPE (cold & depressive Canadian black metal with a spooky atmospheric feeling-limited to 30 copies)

SFM-009 SNOWFALL-"Forest Of Eld" PROMO CDr (This promo features 2 songs from the upcoming full length album Delirium Tremens by SNOWFALL, their first in 4 years. These songs were recorded during 2005/2006 and are amongst some of the most vicious work they have ever produced.) *****LAST COPIES*****

SFM-010 SNOWFALL / BENIGHTED IN SODOM SPLIT CDr (The split between SNOWFALL and BENIGHTED IN SODOM contains 2 more songs that will be on the Delirium Tremens full length . This split contains some of the most raw work by both of our bands, and we are proud to showcase M.Thorn's project next to ours.PRO COVERS)

SFM-011 CUMSOCK-"S/T" CDR (Insane Canadian grindznoize back at it again spewing profane garbage as usual)

SFM-013 PATHOGEN-"Into The Subconcsious Void" CDR (4 song demo crushing the skulls of posers! Death Metal the way it was supossed to be played! Influenced by AUTOPSY/SARCOFAGO! Hailing from the Philippines. Comes with bonus live tracks)

SFM-014 TERRORAZOR-"Stairway To Heaven" Cassette (6 tracks of old school death/grinding Metal from Germany!)

SFM-015 B-MACHINA-"D.N.A." Cassette (75 minutes of Cyber Nuke Industrial Pop featurning Kenji SIRATORI (JP),split release with Smell The Stench Tapes,limited to 100 hand numbered copies) *****OUT OF PRINT*****

SFM-016 MISFITS-"Shocking Return" BOOTLEG CASSETTE (A amazing soundboard bootleg from their shocking return show in 1996 as well as a bonus rare live set at 930 Club,Washington,D.C. 10/22/82 on side B!)

SFM-017 NORSS / EGODEATH SPLIT CDR (Netherlands/Greece, Creepy Dark Ambient split,limited to 100 hand numbered copies) *****OUT OF PRINT*****

SFM-018 MYSTIFIED-"Fuzz Forever" CASSETTE (is it an eternal homage to police? Or a praise for the fuzzy and warm things in life? The truth lies somewhere in-between. "Fuzz Forever" contains harsh rhythmic work, ascerbic atmospherics, and trancey drones. Though there is some consistency in mood, which is deep, the means to achieve it are varied. Songs and sounds for troubled times, certainly-- but songs and sounds that are worthwhile. Drones, urban beats, shortwave sounds, screeching bells, all are here and more. . .Split label release with Smell The Stench")

SFM-019 KRIEGPHILOSOPHIE-"Goat Fukk Yourself...Again" CASSETTE (5 untitled trax of blakkened obskure art hailing from the uk and a Mayhem cover of Necrolust for good measures. The most extreme SFM release to date! In conspiracy with A.V.R.)

SFM-020 THY RITES-"Summoning the Abominations Curse".PROMO CDR (Thy Rites executes Satanic Blackened Death metal hailing from Brazil)

SFM-021 SKULL THE STENCH 2 CDR Compilation (35 experimental artists,split release with Smell The Stench *DELETED*)

SFM-022 MARTOK-"HEY" CASSETTE (Cannibalistic Pig Folk Music from Canada)

SFM-024 BLUE SHIRTS-"Hear No Evil,Smell No Evil,Say No Evil" CASSETTE (5 tracks of live (instrumental) noise. includes an unexpected and irrelevant cover song. plenty of guest appearances. 420% halifax fueled. one side more power electronics, other side more no wave noise. free madness!)

SFM-025 SPEWTILATOR-"Thrash and Splash" DEMO TAPE (4 tracks of top notch weed driven thrashing grindcore from USA) LAST COPIES! 

SFM-026 STOCKFEEDER-"Merciless Skull Bashing" DEMO TAPE ( 16 tracks of menacing machine driven grindcore,Canada, On a cool blue tape)

SFM-027 SLEDGEHAMMER AUTOPSY-"The Art Of Bludgeoning" DEMO CDr ( 6 tracks of raw old styled death metal in the vein of Demolition Hammer from U.S.A.,2011)

SFM-028 KOHL-"S/T" DEMO TAPE ( Raw American black metal, defintally no keyboards here! 2010)

SFM-029 HEIRDRAIN-"Superficial Race" CDr (11 tracks of eccentric noisy Canadian blackend noize, Skullfuckingmetal Records 2010)

SFM-030 DEATH-"Live In Florida 12-31-84" ( 13 tracks, great sound quality!!)

SFM-031 MORBID CEREMONY-"Heralds Of Pestilence" DEMO TAPE ( This demo contains 3 ritualistic hymns of torment and desecration of all that is human, 100% Depraved pitch black occult metal, Canada, 2011 PRO COVERS)

SFM-032 ZARACH BAAL THARRGH-"Black World" DEMO CDr ( This underground legends 89th demo release, 6 tracks of raw black metal from France, 2011)

NEW SFM-033 VIRGIN'S RAPE-"Obscene Shit" CDR ( Raw Mexican black metal, includes their "Holy Whore Of Heaven" Demo 2 from 2008 & "Bestial Rape Of The Virgin" Demo 3 from 2008)

NEW SFM-034  FUNEREAL MOON-"Obsession Of Death" CDR ( 5 Rehearsal tracks from 2010-2011 of raw black metal from Mexico)

SFM-035 MUTILATOR / TOXODETH SPLIT BOOTLEG TAPE ( Cult old school Brazilian thrash/death metal vs cult old school Mexican horror death metal, contains Mutilator's "Grave Desecration" demo & live tracks from 1986 and Toxodeth's "Mysteries About Life and Death" full length from 1990.) OUT OF PRINT

SFM-036 MISFITS-"Live In Argentia 07/15/2000" BOOTLEG TAPE ( 29 well recorded tracks recorded live at Museum Buenos Aires)

SFM-038-URUK-HAI-"Felagund" TAPE ( Dark ambient from Austria)

SFM-039 MISFITS-"Beyond evil- demos and outtakes 1977-1980 & Beware and the rest" TAPE ( Classic Misfits recordings from back in their early years, great sound quality!)

SFM-040 TOTALUS NECRUM-"Perditio Trolae" DEMO CDR ( Raw black metal from USA)

SFM-041 GUNS N ROSES-"Live In Rio 1/14/01" BOOTLEG TAPE ( A great live recording, a few sound interuptions but overall a great tape to add to your collection)

SFM-042 DISCHARGE-"Live at the city garden-New Jersey,U$A 1989) BOOTLEG TAPE

SFM-043 DURVASAG-"World Massacre" DEMO TAPE ( 4 tracks of old school thrash fucking metal that reminds me of Metallica in their glory days as well as old Exodus! Fans of old school thrash metal will devoure this new Canadian thrash metal band up!!! 2012 SFM/AIR)

NEW SFM-044 HERPES-"Awakening Of A Sleeping Madness" DEMO CDR ( Their second demo, dirty & alcoholic old school death metal from France influenced by Autopsy, Nihilist & Repulsion. 23 minutes of old school death metal madness!)

NEW SFM-045 SATAN'S GOD-" Live bootleg" CDR ( Experimental music performed by an Alien, recorded at The Row Collective-Holyoke,MA, ABC No Rio-Manhattan,NY, Cesspool Castle, Joplin , MO. 2012)

NEW SFM-046 ZZ-"The Signs That We Missed" TAPE ( Harsh drone from the states)

NEW SFM-047 URUK-HAI / CRUCIFIXXX SODOMY ( Killer black metal split from Austria & Canada)

NEW ! SFM-048 MLOTEK-"2012 Demo" TAPE ( Punk fueled heavy metal from Canada)

NEW SFM-049 Z.B.T. / OSTIE SPLIT CDR ( Raw black metal from France vs raw black metal from Canada, both are one man black metal projects, beware!!!)

NEW SFM-050 CRUCIFIXXX SODOMY / DOUCHINE / CUMSOCK 3-WAY SPLIT TAPE (  CS is Raw Punk influenced Black Metal from Canada 2 GG Allin covers, Cumsock is grindnoise from Canada, Douchine is raw Black Metal from Canada, awesome Blasphemy cover of War Command!)

NEW MEGADETH / SLAYER "The Toronto Double Cross" Split Live Tape ( Megadeth Live at Maple Leaf Gardens,Toronto,1/9/1988, 9 tracks, SLAYER Live at Massey Hall, Toronto,1/27/1987  12 tracks)

NEW NEKROKYRPA-"Kirves Murhia Ja Kilmaa" TAPE ( 21 trax of Pure fucking chaotic & sick goregrind madness from Finland! 2013)

NEW THE WHOREHOUSE MASSACRE / ANCIENT SICKNESS SPLIT TAPE (  Killer serial killer Sludge from Canada VS Psycheldic Sludge from Cleveland,USA featuring Sludge heavyweights  Corey Bing and Scott Stearns,2013)

NEW HEIRDRAIN "War Against The Modern Society" FULL LENGTH TAPE ( Eccentric Drone from Quebec, Canada 2013 SFM Records)

SFM-100 INFESTOR-"Scorched Earth" CDr (4 track demo of Ear-molesting Death/Thrash chaos from the Philippines)

SFM-101 RABIES-"Radiation Devestation" CDr (A Drunken Thrash Metal Holocaust 4 track demo hailing from the Philippines)

SMOKE-"Celebration Of Elder Spirits" CASSETTE (Raw as fukk chaotic satanic weed inspired rehearsal black metal hailing from the Netherlands, 2010) OUT OF PRINT

SFM-200 BLIND ILLUSION-"NWOSFHM" BOOTLEG CDR or TAPE format ( Contains their s/t 1983 demo, "trilogy of terror" 1985 demo,"Blood shower" 1986 demo,"slow death"1986 demo,"Psychedelic symphony" 1989 demo, 14 tracks total, SFM Records/Obscurations in the witch house 2011)

SFM-300 METASTASIS-"From The Snow The Executioner rises again" CD ( Killer old school thrash metal in the Sodom/Destruction vein from Chile, Contains their "Under The Snow" 2007 Demo & "Exectioners Rise" 2010 EP as well as a killer Sodom cover of "Nuclear Winter", 2011 Suffering Jesus Productions/SFM Productions) $8 OUT OF PRINT

SFM-500 MALARIA / WARLOCK MOON SPLIT LIVE CDR (  Recorded live off the floor at the 460, Toronto, Ont on 04/23/2011. excellent sound & hand done coverart/inlay with no help from a computer like the old days! 71 minutes 11 seconds total, Malaria is grind/war like Carcass/Repulsion/Blood & Warlock Moon is raw old school black metal, 2012 SFM RECORDS) $3

SFM-DVD1 SFM PRODUCTIONS VOLUME 1-DVDr ( Featuring rare and never before seen CRUCIFIXXX SODOMY footage ( not for the squeemish or children under the age of 11teen, Morbid Ceremony, Necrodios-"12.26.2008" Sneeky Dees, Nuclearhammer- various live and rehearsal tracks from Duffys and the HellHouse, Protokult- live at Duffys, Blue Moon and El Macombo,Sexual Assualt- well recorded set from the 460 early 2011, also features JJ Allin getting sexually assualted by a crazed women,Shellshock- Aug 15th 2009 at the Reverb, Twilight Hammer-Live Aug 15th 2009 at GTS4, Warlock Moon promo videos and rehearsal tracks, Tottaly Recommened!!! 100% Canadian underground!) $5